Singalong! (Sweet Caroline)

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

I shot this singalong video the other day for my Creative Sprint. It was so much fun, I thought I'd share here. I mean, who doesn't need a singalong to start off their weekend? And come on, that's an irresistible song. You have to sing along.

Week 1 with my BFF helping me with my meal plans went pretty well. I wasn't perfect, didn't have all the groceries I needed for that and work kept me away from home all day, almost every day. But I'm not aiming for perfection; I'm aiming for progress and I definitely made some of that. Back into Onederland, where I belong. Venturing out to the grocery store later today, so I can be even better prepared this week. Onward!

I've done a little bit of hooping, nothing super awesome, just basic stuff. Bubba and I have taken several walks. Work has been incredibly physical this week. We have five weeks to finish our Christmas set design, so we've been building and painting like crazy. And one of our younger team members is doing his Eagle Scout project by gutting and organizing the church garage, which stores half of my stuff. So I've been out there, mucking around too. It's been productive, yet exhausting. I look forward to doing this type of thing 20 pounds lighter!

One really fun thing I did was to go tromping around with some of my friends in a park after dark. There was a special exhibit we wanted to see and we ended up walking all over the place, trying to guess what some of the exhibits looked like in the daylight. It was so much fun! I like that lately, our outings have included walking and exploring. It's a fun way to stay active.

This is the exhibit we saw. Can you see Shelley standing next to it? That's one GIANT bunny!

I've also been having fun with this month's Creative Sprint. One of my favorite prompts is the day we're supposed to collaborate with other sprinters. I made a song and dance video with my friend Annie, who lives in Canada. She's been a dancer her whole life. She still takes dance classes, which I think is incredibly awesome.

An active life is a happy life, right?

I keep getting more rocks for my Friendship Rock Garden! I'm going to work on sealing and placing them this weekend. I have a friend who's going to paint a sign, explaining what it is and I'm gonna make a whole little area right outside my door. Can't wait to show you! And hey, message me if you want to paint and send a rock and I'll give you my address. Such a fun way to remember to pray for my friends. The more the merrier. Here's one I got this week:

How adorable is that???

I'll leave you with two of my latest googly creations.

I made magnetic googly eyes and left them on this light pole in a Home Depot parking lot. lol

These terrifyingly cranky bushes in front of my house.

Hope you have an amazing weekend and are making progress towards your goals. Spark ON Brave Sparker!!
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