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Major Changes

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"There are gonna be some major changes around here. Major changes."
"Major Changes." The Middle, created by Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline, performance by Patricia Heaton, season 3, episode 3, Warner Brothers, 2011.

In that episode, Frankie is talking about the way the family takes her for granted. I have major changes of a different sort coming up.

I'm pregnant. emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon (I think that's a funny one to use for this)

So that's cool, I guess. Just kidding! It's awesome! I'm due mid-April. Doctor told me today I'm very unlikely to miscarry, so I think it's time to tell you.

I love my doctor. She said I could keep my belly button ring without sounding judgy about it, even though my husband sure did, commenting on my priorities! I mean,I was thiiiiiis close to this piercing being ready for prime time as I hit the home stretch towards maintenance, and now, I have to gain!

But another thing that I'm happy about is the doctor said I only need to gain 15 pounds. That's much lower than I was expecting, but I am at the tippy-top of a healthy BMI and super-short, so BMI skews generously for me, anyway. Still, I'm being careful to mostly use the extra calories I need on healthy things (and endless saltine crackers, because I want to puke most of the time).

The Beck SparkTeam is doing a reboot, and I really wanted to participate, especially because ONEKIDSMOM is doing it. I think I could learn SO MUCH from doing it in tandem with her, because she's the best Becker I know. But I just can't. In addition to spending the first seven days of the reboot in Germany (couldn't drink at Oktoberfest--boo!), I just am finding it difficult to adapt it to this new development, and I'm also just TIRED. Writing Advantage Response Cards for losing weight when I'm not supposed to, picking two diets when I already find this "Daily Dozen" thing touted in What to Expect overwhelming, even distinguishing between Hunger, Craving and Desire just seems too arduous for me to deal with.

Speaking of cravings, I don't think I've had any. I've had a couple cravings, but they haven't been any stronger than when I'm just hanging out with an empty womb. I've not had to get anything now, now, now, and nothing I've wanted has been weird. So is that really real, or is it just on TV? I hope they're real, just because I think if they are, Sparkers may have some good stories!

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