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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Last week there was an article in a Spark Mail about people who eat the majority of their calories later in the day. I looked at the title and thought "I don't need to read this, this isn't about me" but seeing as how I was low on Spark Points that day I figured I'd read it anyway. Well, aren't I glad I did because after reading it I went back to my food journals and gave them a good look and figured out that it really IS me!
I plan my meals ahead of time, I prep my meals, I take my lunches at least 4 days a week, and I try my hardest to stay in my calorie range each day. I know I don't get enough protein (this has been an ongoing problem for me) and I end up absolutely ravenous at the end of the work day. And my ravenous I mean I'll eat anything that's near me! To curb this I've stopped keeping junk or easily accessible foods in the house, like pretzels, snacks, etc. We have fresh fruit, veggies, and all sorts of things that'll take forever to cook. You'd think that would take care of the problem, but when you're low on protein, it doesn't handle it.
Lately, I've found myself stopping by the store on my drive home to buy a can of Pringles, a pack of candy, a bottle of soda, etc., just to curb the hunger craving with something quick b/c I know there's nothing at home. Sometimes I eat half a can of Pringles, sometimes it's the entire one sitting! The most easily accessible thing I have at home is cheese. I measure out and cut 1oz. and I track it. I'm then still hungry and I get another ounce. Followed by another, and another. You see where I'm going here. I have come to the realization that I'm a binge eater. But basically only Monday through Friday between the hours of about 3:15 and 5:00.
So, thanks to good old SparkPeople, I've realized something about myself that needs to be changed so I can lose the weight I want to lose.

Also last week while driving a co-worker somewhere she said "Do you want to stop and get a smoothie?" I said sure and we went to place near our work. It turns out that this place is an Herbalife shop. I got a protein shake that tastes exactly like a Reese Peanutbutter Cup. It was absolutely delicious and I was satiated all day so I didn't want to binge eat when I got home. I've had these shakes twice and I've felt the same way both times.
I bought a 3-day trial of the shakes to try and if it goes well I'll be drinking these each day with my lunch to help with this. The best part about it is that they're only 90 calories and they're packed full of protein.

Have any of you tried these before? What's your experience with them been?
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    I tend to eat my calories at night though I have learned to curb the binge eating. It is hard when you need to cook and you are starving! Glad you found something that helps!
    913 days ago
    Good old Spark keeps delivering to us!!! emoticon Herbalife is pretty strong here but I haven't tried any product. Great choices!
    915 days ago
    Great share! I never thought to read ones that don't seem to apply to me, but I will now. I was the person you describe a year ago. I met with a nutritionist then and she changed everything for me. I now eat protein with every meal including breakfast (I never did have protein with breakfast before that).

    I can make a protein shake in my Ninja in about 3 minutes. I use a fantastic protein powder she recommended: Tera's Whey. I use almond milk, Tera's Whey (whatever flavor I feel like), and I toss in some fruit (banana, blueberries or blackberries are my favorite) and some ice. Takes only seconds to blend. With the Ninja I can blend it right in the to-go cup. Sometimes I toss in fresh spinach leaves too (can't even taste them in there) or chia seeds.

    I don't get hungry in the afternoon, but I do get hungry at night a few hours after dinner. So, I down a very big glass of water, brush my teeth and floss. I find that when I have a fresh clean mouth for the night, I talk myself out of snacking.

    I also keep yogurt cups ready for if I get hungry at mid-afternoon or I dip celery or apple slices in some peanut butter (the all natural kind without all the added sugar).

    Sounds like you have found something that works for you. That's great! Thanks for sharing!

    915 days ago
    No I haven't. My eating is more in the late evening. Dinner is late because my commute is long & I have binge eating history that started in the evenings. I also wake & eat during the night. Pain wakes me so I eat to soothe it. Definitely obstacles.
    915 days ago
    No but I too have a hunger period of 3-6 pm. I chose to divert my attention by watching my favorite TV then and returning business/social calls. I work from home and schedule dinner/end of work at 6 pm. Start with 8 oz of water then soup or salad
    915 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    915 days ago
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