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Slight change in schedule tilts my world sideways

Friday, October 06, 2017

This morning, we took Peachy cat back to the vet. It seems we have to bring him every six weeks or so for shots - he get mouth infections. He is 17, but he is my super sweetheart. People who know me, will remember him as my therapy cat, who spreads his warmth and purrs on me when my back and body hurt. I am so sorry to be seeing him not well. I don't want to even begin to add up what we have spent on him this year at the vet. Generally, he is better, but of course there is the mouth, the arthritis, the wonky hips, but he is still such a genuine goodfellow and best friend. He is also suffering from some renal problems and is on a special renal diet. (Ca-ching! $$)

Anyway, I took him this morning, along with my husband. Then I tried to jump into work when I got home, kind of didn't get much done, procrastinating, balancing the check book, printing something for hubby, that kind of thing.

Then, of course, my physical therapy was scheduled for 3 this afternoon. I knew after I ate lunch around 1:30 that was a mistake. The drowsies hit, and I knew just driving down the road would do me in. Of course, I left on time, and drove, not looking forward to late day exercise.

The therapists are great. I have seen 3 of the doctors of physical therapy, plus one associate. One was able to treat and solve my dizziness problem. He also helped me get a pillow to help my lumbar during my sleep, and sleep is improving. (Up to 6-7 hours per night, as opposed to 4-5). Today, the doctor who is married to one of the other doctors worked with me again. She helped me get a weight program to better effectively address my sciatic problem, strengthening my legs, hips, and then she did some physical hands on massage of my trouble area, including "cupping" with suction cups. Very interesting. Right now, I feel drained, but feel better. I also did the Nu-Step machine, a kind of recumbent stair stepper for 12 minutes, over 110 steps per minute. My (orthopedic) doctor has given me 8 more sessions of PT, then on to a home based program, and I see the orthopedic doctor in early December. Here's hoping that it gets me moving, mobile, more agile, and less pain, and better sleep , and weight loss. All these things work together. At least, I am not in such excruciating pain like after my surgeries. I am trying to nip things getting worse in the bud, but approaching this whole pain waling me up in the night thing by better treatment of my back, exercise, and loss of weight.

So, the day ended better than I thought, but I have no energy now for work. Time to find a cat, and breathe. Each day is full of its own stuff.

Just completed 12 minutes on the nu-step, and about 40 minutes PT and 10 minutes massage therapy. Yes.
Feeling better already.
Getting healthy is my job. One step at a time, one day at a time. Looking forward and staying positive.
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