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Ch-ch-changes! Yet Steady with Maintenance!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Okay, first I wrote a bit in response to a message board post in which the person was wondering about choosing calorie-counts that work for her, so I thought I would share that.

Then, on to Big News (HUGE thanks to everyone popping in now & then with kind words of support)!

Definitely the type of calories matter!

We are all an experiment of one so I suggest you experiment and look at the difference between those two caloric intakes you mentioned and see what results you get...find that sweet spot in "what works."

In my case, I have gone from 450 to 215 pounds without calorie counting at all. Calorie counting drove me crazy, so through much trial and error I found what worked for me:

1) NO PROCESSED CARBS! No breads, cakes, cookies, cereal, crackers, chips, etc.

2) Intermittent fasting: Zipping the lips from my evening meal until noon time the next day. Do I do this EVERY DAY? Nah...but MOST of 'em!

3) Bulking up on fresh non-starchy veggies, with some fresh fruits...but mostly veggies.

4) No caloric beverages. I prefer to CHEW my calories, thank you! Water, black coffee and brewed tea are my beverages of choice...with an occasional indulgence in sugar-free soda.

For me this represents my formula for eating what I want (within the above parameters) in whatever quantities I want. Baby spinach is now my new potato chip! Baby carrots my new French fry or cookie! Splurge on an apple or two a day!

Again, your mileage may vary and perhaps this is not sustainable for everyone. However, it's worth a short-term try to see what results you get.

Most importantly EXPERIMENT! Find what gets you the results you want with an approach that is sustainable and live-able FOR YOU!


Okay, so here is the Big News:

Life has been a whirlwind for me and every time I think about doing a blog it's like: where do I start? How do I bring everyone up to date?

...and it becomes overwhelming so I don't write the blog :-(

Over the past couple of years I have 1) divorced, 2) moved forward into a wonderful relationship with a wonderful co-worker who never expressed romantic interest in me prior to my divorce, 3) sold my house of 30+ years, 4) lost my workout mojo due to degenerative disk problems in lower back (yep, an excuse, I know...), 5) traveled to Costa Rica with my partner for a couple of weeks this past Spring (first time traveling outside of the USA!) and 6) became ENGAGED to my partner while in Costa Rica with plans to marry later this month!

I HAVE maintained my weight loss, pretty much, although I AM up around 8-10 pounds which I need to work on, as while I have lost my workout mojo, I realized how absolutely essential it is to firmly hold onto my healthy food choices so that my weight wouldn't spiral out of control.

So there you have it...the Reader's Digest version of the last two years of my life!

Later this month (BEFORE the wedding...sorta got this backwards, lol) we're heading up to Adirondack territory for a fun weekend of Rail-Riding: www.revrail.com

Oh...and the changes they keep on rolling in: countdown to retirement! Next October 2018! CANNOT WAIT!

Take care and keep on Sparkin'! Keep adding your special SPARK to our SparkFamily!

Special shout out of appreciation to all you Super Sparkers on At Goal & Maintenance SparkTeam! GO YOU! emoticon

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