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friday--new car day!

Friday, September 29, 2017

good morning! today is the day we pick up the new car. we have spent the last few days cleaning up the prius for trade in. it's in actually very nice shape except that rob left the hatch up one time and backed out of the garage, which ripped off the non functional plastic spoiler on the hatch. a 400 dollar part that serves no actual function at all. he has been trying madly to find a used one that we could replace it with (the mounting pins all tore off) and apparently we own the only prius in northern Indiana. there are NONE to be found. one salvage guy actually was very nice (the conversation actually went on beyond "Prius!!!?!!! what's a Prius????? ") and located one in CA, but the shipping would have delayed everything by several days. so we are going to take our chances and see what they will offer us on trade in as it is. we can always just bring it home, bite the bullet and get the new spoiler and install it then sell it ourselves. I DON'T want to do that but it could happen.
more glazing-- I am down to the last 2 glaze combos I had chosen for this glaze interval. next week I will go back to throwing so I can get some apple bakers and other bowls done. then it will be time to FIRE and see how I did.
not sure when the rain is supposed to start--going to get ralphie off to the park now so I can get a run done. have a great day!
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