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Walking towards 2018 ~ with 469.8 miles to go & Non scale victories

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Yesterday when I was walking the 3 miles at the lake, I was feeling so good that I had hoped that today I would try for 5 miles. Although we didn't have enough time to do so, with errands to go on, so instead I decided to add in a few very short sessions of jog to see how it felt & it felt good! The best part is that those endorphins kick in after the workout!! As soon as I got in the car to head out to the rest of the day, those feel goods started to kick in. I've really missed that feeling!!

Reviewed when I started doing this walking towards 2018 goal, it was exactly two weeks ago today! I started this on September 14th!!!

I don't know if its the cooler weather, or just the accumulation of the over 30 miles since setting this goal? Whatever it is, I'm starting to feel more pep in my step & it is a wonderful feeling that I have missed. Just a little info on me, I'm still around 220 pounds, and I walk fairly slowly, 2 to 2.5 mph, so it doesn't take speed walking to start feeling results, also- I walk with our children around a lake with a campgrounds- it is approximately a one mile loop, with several water stops and a few restrooms. So I am taking breaks to look at flowers, take a pit stop, grab some water... I guess my point is, please don't picture that I had to power walk to get results in feeling better, quite the opposite is true. I'm following the Jeff Galloway type idea to work towards a 5k, and really, it is to not strain yourself. (Jeff represented the USA in the Olympics years ago) and, I also wanted to share my weight, because you don't have to be at your goal weight to start to run, you just have to get to the point where you feel like you want to run a few steps, or ten seconds, or from this pole to that tree... etc. All I can tell you is that I am feeling good!

I was walking before I decided to set the 'before' New Years goal, though wanted the motivation of a goal so that walking would move up on my priorities list. It really helps that people check in on me to see that I am still going towards the goal, thank you!

Here is a very short video clip of why it looks like we were going at such a slow pace, although I did some running, we also stopped to enjoy nature & each other's company ( and potty stops for the kids). Today was the first day since a long break this spring that I jogged/ran at all. So the previous two weeks have been all walking. Firstly, I'd like to say that I honestly FELT like running. Two weeks ago I barely felt like walking & it was a struggle, I just knew I needed to go walking. Today I added in jogging about 3 short stints & then at the end I ran a nice little stretch that was probably about 150 feet, and ran as in tried to stay ahead of the kids run. Even though most of my walk was definitely leisure, and for sure stopping to notice the beautiful nature & weather (and our kids) , I was impressed with my top speed of 10 .3 and my highest heart rate at 165, so there is the proof that besides admiring bugs, flowers and scenery, I did ( FINALLY) decide to exert myself along the way today! But-- I waited until my body actually FELT like doing it- I'm thinking this is key, because in the past I just jumped into a C25K routine, without listening to when my body was ready, this time, instead of listening to an app, I'm listening to my body.

Hopefully more to share in the coming weeks. I wish I'd drop some pounds doing this, but I know from training for a 5k in the past, that I actually tend to gain weight while working out. SO, I will be ignoring the scale for awhile and looking for more non scale victories, like how my muscles feel or how my knees no longer hurt on the stairs, or how I can now take two stairs at a time instead of one or how my hip is no longer hurting when I get out of a seated position. All those non scale victories are why I am going to keep doing it. (and not going to lie, those feel good endorphins kicking in after the workout are pretty awesome too)
~ Blessings,

(Below is a link to Jeff Galloway in case you are interested)

PS, since I'm mostly writing this for me, as a personal journal of my journey- I'm going to put this in today's journal.... it has nothing to do with fitness, it has to do with a flat snake. The other day I mentioned the antics we saw of an Eastern Hognose Snake ( you can look it up, they are pretty dramatic little fellows), sadly today we saw another one that didn't make it across the road we walk on at the campgrounds- it was really flat. On the second loop, my son, who was carrying a piece of sidewalk chalk thought we should draw a large circle around the snake so everyone else would see it there. So to accommodate him, we drew a large circle around the little pencil length of a flat snake, and inscribed next to it "R.I.P. Eastern Hognosed Snake". Told you, it was pointless bit of trivia, though some day when I look back and read this, I think I will remember the compassion in our little boy- he is 9 and growing, why do they grow up so quickly ? emoticon he also had noticed a brightly colored caterpillar and helped it cross the road. I am inscribing these moments onto my heart, for I know just how quickly things will change, and I almost feel that I'm cherishing those moments so deeply now, because I will miss them so much when he is grown. The cheery way he says "GOOD MORNING MOM!!! How'd you sleep!!?" without fail, every morning. Soon, I imagine I will be less important to his days, and I actually tear up thinking about it. You see, we adopted him and our daughter, I thought that'd I'd never be called mom, so to hear it now, I treasure it. ALSO, BIG NEWS, Saturday and (hopefully, if he does well) Sunday he is working at a pumpkin farm picking pumpkins and squash! His first real job! He's such a helper around here, I think he will do well, if he can just hold that temper of his- boy is he excited! He asked me, "Mom, what time do I start?" I told him 8:00. "Well. Then I guess I should get up at 6:00 to shower, eat, pack my water and snacks plus drive time." emoticon this kid...he has changed my life so much. When we picked him up as our foster son, we had no idea that we would adopt him, but somehow I think he did- because he called us mom and dad from the moment he saw us. He is my little hero, I was doubting the effect we had made as foster parents, I was worn out- and after seeing all the changes in him that first year, I knew we were helping him. That was 5 years ago, I'm so honored to be called his mom, and I have thanked him for adopting me, because I want him to know this was not a one way street, he shouldn't feel like we only did him some great favor, because really, he made our lives full too. emoticon
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  • CATE195
    I totally agree with you about walking at a pace you are comfortable with. In the past (i've been at this since 2009) I would start walking and then feel like I had to walk faster, walk longer, walk better. The results, I gave up! When I started this latest journey, (and I decided my last because I would reach my goals), I decided I would walk the way I enjoy walking and not pust myself to go faster or futher. I started in March of this year, I am enjoying my walks and I have increased my distance as I've felt much stronger. But I have not beat myself up over weather I can do a 15 minute mile or not, I just walk!
    1007 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1010 days ago
    1010 days ago
  • no profile photo HOTPINKCAMARO49
    Awesome! Way to go!
    1010 days ago
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