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Hunger or Flavor?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Watermellen's blog this morning was about stopping eating when we are almost full - which is a very good idea.

That got me thinking, though, about why I sometimes overeat.

It is a rare occasion these days that I overeat to the point of feeling stuffed. If I do, though, it is not usually because I am so hungry.

My problem is that I will eat beyond my need to satisfy hunger because I like how the food TASTES too much to stop. My overeating is rarely related to actual hunger; rather it's about my craving more of the yummy flavor.

And there are way too many foods that taste delicious to me. Unfortunately, some of them are "old friends" - mostly unhealthy snacks from years ago that during my lifetime were served up with the acts of celebrating, relaxing, or alternatively, when working out sticky issues.

My eating of those "old friends" has been reduced significantly since I've been here on Spark People.
Now many of my new, healthful snacks have taken their place.
But unfortunately I do still overindulge, because many of these new foods are even more delicious than the old ones.

So portion control is more about telling myself: "You've had enough of this. Stop now, no matter how good it tastes. You can have some more another time. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week."

I really run into trouble if I'm at a place with special foods that won't be available to me again for a long time. That's when I am most vulnerable to overeating.

Tracking is the key to my controlling myself. If I know that I have to enter every mouthful on the day's log, and stay within my calorie limits for the day -- then I will be more motivated to stop.

Tracking puts the choice right in front of me: Do I want to eat more of this for the temporary pleasure of the taste? or do I want to like what the scale and the mirror will say to me in the morning?

Most days the scale and the mirror win out.

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