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wednesday--fun with GFs and stuff

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

good morning! well yesterday I had a very nice day out with my dear friends. we went to rural king of all places. if you have never been to one, rural king is a huge "country" store. they usually go into old k-mart buildings and do little or no renovation. most of them allow dogs in the store--but the one we went to didn't. apparently Michigan law forbids it. I swear they carry at least one of every type of merchandise you would go to the store for--all with a rural tone to it. clothes--carhartt and wrangler, Columbia and North Face; shoes--Much boots and Durango cowboy boots--little girls cowboy boots covered in fancy stitching or pink glitter; fencing; medications for livestock; baby chicks and rabbits; pet supplies of all kinds; cookies, spices and flour; pots and pans; canning jars; hunting knives; gun safes; deer blinds; arc welders; you get the picture. we spent several hours just drifting through the store, visiting and shopping. we all came away with "stuff". I got a couple birthday gifts for rob, including a Milwaukee brand (very high quality tools) work shirt made of some kind of wicking fiber, and a fun little gadget for roasting hot dogs over an open fire. and I was lucky enough to spot a pair of croc beach shoes in a size 6 wide--a bit on the long side, but they fit my foot, so into the cart they went. petie got her husband a pair of dickees shorts and a bunch of toys for her absolutely darling new mini dachshund puppy, sassy. ardene picked up some things for her grandkids, a big can of coffee and a few other odds and ends. we spent a lot of time admiring all the toys being set out for Christmas--ardene and petie are both grandmas and this store has METAL Tonka toys, all manner of construction and farm related toys--big tractors and combines, hay balers and wagons, horse trailers and stock trailers. and the animals to go with them. they had the printed rugs in various themes--roads, a horse farm, a job site and a cityscape--all with appropriate cars, farm animals etc. one had fire trucks and ems cars. such a fun time looking and laughing and catching up. then we went to lunch where I had a nice julienne salad--although the 5 gallon bucket of ranch dressing was a little overkill (fortunately it came on the side). then we hit another "farm store" this one with lots of local fruits and veggies and plants. Ardene was on the hunt for a weeping spruce and she found just the one she wanted. then home to find out that my baby brother had been passing through the area and left me a message on the phone. so I called him and we caught up. he has been spending the month of sept. on a wonderful adventure. his friend, craig, bought a new sailboat in massachussets and they have been sailing it home to Muskegon. apparently they damaged their propeller shaft and had to be towed into Charlevoix, for a diagnosis and repair. they had several onboard guests that had to be shuttled to the Detroit airport, so rog (brother) did that while craig stayed with the boat. so over the course of yesterday he drove from Charlevoix to Detroit and then down to northern Indiana to visit with my older brother and me. he and older brother had lunch together, and he and I had a good phone visit. i was sorry to have missed him, but glad we at least had a chance to talk.
park this morning for a run! it has cooled off quite a bit--going to take the stroller for ralphie though, just incase. have a great day!
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