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Obstacles Do Not Win Over Me!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I remember when I worked, how the same people, so predictable, would call in sick. You could bank on them calling on Monday or Friday. Same lame excuses: "I have a migraine." ..... 'I got food poisoning over the weekend." ....Never anything new. And it didn't seem to bother them that the rest of us would shoulder the burden on top of our own.

I have been retired now for nine months and I still can't "call in sick." I would have to call myself since I am now my own boss. And I like payday. However, now it has new meaning. It means for one: Three months ago, I had my wellness exam with my Nurse Practitioner. After the exam, she smiled and said, "You look great; your labs are good and I don't see anything to be concerned about. Keep on doing what you have been doing and we'll see you next year!" .... That 'clean bill' of health is a good health status that I will continue to work to maintain. And with more free time now, even improve. Maintaining good health status means my money is not going out the window to pay for illness.

I decided to not only be my own 'boss' but treat my fitness activity like I did my job. It happened one day when I was doing water aerobics and talking to a lady. She commented on how hard I always work in the pool and complimented her on her dedication. . She answered simply, " it's my job! If I don't take good care of myself and somebody else will have to!"

Obstacles! ... Listen because you did NOT win over me! .... I am talking about a disease of the spine that crippled many others with the same condition. I refused to be taunted by the bad prophesy given in my twenties where I was told I would be permanently disabled and in a wheelchair by the time I reached 40! ... You did not Win! ... And Doctor XX with the diagnosis of doom, I proved you wrong! .... I am now 71, and I can smile proudly. I can offer encouragement to those facing something frightening. I am independent, I drive, clean my own house. swim, dance, walk, and do a long list of varied exercises. Yes, the condition is still there but it did not disable me! ... I keep going and loving life! ...

As the saying goes: "The greatest wealth is our health." .... I Am willing to continue to pay the price to maintain quality of life.

Thanks for stopping by friends and whatever you may face, take a Winning attitude!
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