Good choices and good exercise....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I made a few small adjustments at our weekly Taco Tuesday get together.

One, I WALKED to the restaurant. Got 2900 steps and 45 mins of exercise.
Two, I did some pre-planning and pulled only 10 chips from the basket in an effort to keep to one serving. Broke them up so it looked like more but I eventually put 6 or 7 of them on my sons plate uneaten.
Three, ate my tacos naked!
Four, put the cheese dip between the kids so I had to reach over my son to get it. That resulted in two chip pieces being dipped and that was it!
Five. One beer and water.

So, all in all I was able to reduce my total calorie intake on Taco Tuesday from about 800-1000 to approximately 450! I got to eat with friends/family and have a good time with food involved and still keep my healthy ways up!
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