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Saturday, September 09, 2017

I've "said" I've decided to finally get healthy many times over the years. This time the decision has stuck. Since March I've lost 28 lbs. Yes, it took superficial motivation to get started. My favorite band announced an August tour, including a chance to meet them all face to face. The band included my favorite singer in the world. :-) This was the goodbye tour, so I HAD to go despite no money. But I did NOT want to meet them looking like Jabba the Hut.

My problem was I already drank a lot of water, no soda, no alcohol. Don't eat much junk, little or no fast food, etc. So, I was lost on what to do. But I did eat a lot of meat and almost no veggies.

I've been doing a lot of mental work. Journalling, attempting to get into meditation, telling myself out loud over and over that it's safe to be thin an it's time for my body to let go of this fat.

So, what I did at first was:

1. upped my fitbit daily step goal from 6000 to 10K, and after 2 months upped that to 12K. And DID it as often as I could.

2. Became strict with my water. 15c daily (.5 oz/lb body wt) as a baseline. On hot days I drank a LOT more because I work in the heat with no ac. (yay... not.)

3. Added fresh veggies or sometimes fruit (I'm prediabetic) to at least 2 of my 3 meals, if not every meal. I've added more hot spices to some of my meals.

4. I started actually doing the basic stretches and minimal exercises the physical therapist gave me for my back and IT Band injuries. Stretches: hamstring and quad, back, neck, piriformis, calf, etc. Literally, all the basic muscle groups, every day, holding for 30 sec to 1 min, 3 times. Many of those given as yoga stretches--bird dog, downward dog, cat, cow, tree, warrior, forward bend, baby. Exercises like: 8 min on the exercise bike with weekly slight increases in resistance, balancing on one foot while doing many reps (3 sets of 20 in ea position) with a 2-4 pound ankle wt of controlled backward, side or forward lifts. Sit to stands or squats holding 15lbs. The lying squat sled at low wt high repetition. Clam shells with band, monster walks with band, leg lifts with 2-4 lb ankle weights, side bends with a dumbbell, shoulder arm and back exercises with a dumbbell. Walking a bit more.

5. Took my medicine and vitamins daily instead of whenever. I added in fish oil before bed (freeze them before you swallow them and no taste!), plus added back MSM with gloucosamine.

6. Started drinking a cup of mixed teas in the morning. I have white tea, green tea, and a lemon ginger tea. I brew them together, add a tsp of honey, and a dash of almond milk.

7. Started listening to youtube weight loss subliminal helps and affirmation videos about three times each per day for motivation, and viewed a ton of before after weight loss pics on pinterest just to convince myself I can actually do it.

8. Logging my food and fitness here nearly every day.

9. Mental tricks like putting my goal into my passwords I type daily, or as a picture I look at every time I sit down. I may photoshop my own picture to look how I want to look and paste that baby all over the place.

10. Measured myself and took a before picture.

I lost 23 lbs from March 15 to August 12.

But I plateaued and I had another concert with actual talking time with them involved. Yes, two concerts two weeks apart. The second one was the big one and, yes, I did this for about 2 minutes of actual speaking time. Y'know, we all need something to kick us in the butt!

So I did a general 80/20 vegan for those two weeks and lost another 3 pounds. Basically, I cut out all animal products except for one meal for two weeks and even then ate a lot less meat than normal because I normally had a slab. I upped the seeds, ancient grains (farro! yum!), avocadoes, nuts for protein, upped all the veggies, included more hot pepper. I also started wearing 2-3lb ankle weights around the house for the few hours I'm there.

Down 28 pounds by the second concert. My pants went from 24 to an 18, bra band from a tight 42 to a snug 40. I'm 5'2", 52 years old, and carry my weight around the middle. It was weird to have my pants start falling down every time I put my phone in my pocket. LOL. Oh, and the meeting was amazing!

Now, I'm on a roll. I'm not doing 80/20 vegan anymore but those two weeks taught me I actually like less meat and dairy. I'm doing egg white veggie omelets for breakfast, Thai Beef Salad with almost no beef and tons of fresh veggies for lunch, and veggies with dinner.

I'm about 214 now. My goal is to lose another 80 pounds. But I also don't want to shrivel up like a raisin so I give myself permission to stop wherever I feel comfortable.

My motivation for this goal is to get off the cpap. It's helped my sleep apnea enormously, but it's also like having a giant sucker fish on my face and has started waking me up because it isn't comfortable. The answer is to let the fat go.

Plus, I'm feeling stronger and I LIKE it! For a while, I felt so old, stiff, weak and pathetic that I was miserable. I don't want to go back to that.

You all have a wonderful day!

PS. The band was Pentatonix (nicest people ever).

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