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Remember: Your Scale Can't Tell You Everything!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I have come to the conclusion there are two times not to look down.
One is if you are afraid of heights!...::: Don't Look down! ..

The Second is:
If you know you are doing everything you know to do but the scales refuse to budge ! Don't Look Down!
Instead of facing morning discouragement after all your hard work, do what Sparks advises and STOP making them your fitness guru! ." The information on the scale is limited! Would you go to a Doctor who is a known Quack?..... I hope not! ....It's your life!

Stay calm and look for the positives instead!.. My spark friend, Nomi-822 shared recently that she had "only lost 3 pounds", yet she measured herself and the measurements revealed she lost a sum total of TEN inches! ..... What then did the scales NOT reveal?

I ask what is right and take mental inventory? .as I am here to have a healthy lifestyle, I have more energy; clothes are fitting better, muscles are firm and toned ....and yes, my measurements are smaller too! .

I know many people much younger than myself that have had heart attacks, strokes, joint replacements ... both hips and knees; serious mental break-downs, and faced cancer, I recently worked with a gal 38 years old who had BOTH breasts removed after a cancer diagnosis! ...:::: My first boyfriend died tragically in a motor cycle accident. An All star Athlete I grew up went to the hospital with excruciating stomach pain before his 30th birthday and never came home. Yes, Over twenty of my classmates died in their twenties.

In lieu of all this, can I really allow a metal device to ruin my day when I was expecting change?

August was a good month for me and I lost three pounds and more besides just weight.... But if those scales don't move, I move anyway! ..... And when the number rises, I consider the ST leg press I used and more the day before .... So my attitude with the scale is:

I am grateful that I am still standing, breathing, walking and talking and have the insight to share with you! ..... I hope you will reflect and recognize the positive changes you have made towards the best healthy lifestyle and continue to LOOK UP .... NOT DOWN ..

That's right! Keep smiling and looking up!
And Thanks for stopping by friends. Have a great day! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Loving your blogs emoticon for all the great blogs
    418 days ago
    Great post! Agreed!
    551 days ago
    Great post and something I need to remember especially right now...

    Carpe Diem

    552 days ago
    554 days ago
    I do not care what the scale says anymore, ever since many years ago I complained to the gym instructor the scale is not moving she said but you are losing inches. She re measured me and sure enough!!!
    I love your blog thanks for posting
    557 days ago
  • NOMI_822
    Jan, I love to read your blogs but wasn't I surprised to read this one. I do love it and you are so right we often let the scale dictate our opinion of ourselves. emoticon emoticon emoticon .
    558 days ago
    Agreed - there are so many ways to measure success here! Thank you,
    559 days ago
    For many years I avoided the scale. Instead I focused on behavioral goals that lead to non-scale victories (like physical activity, water drinking, eating fruit and vegetables, keeping junk food out of the house). These habits took me years to acquire. I lost weight along the way and kept the loss small and slow so that my brain could catch up with the process. Now I am at a place where I need to cultivate a more positive relationship with the scale, in other words I am ready to use it as a tool for weight loss (one of many tools).

    I agree with so much of this blog, getting on the scale is counterproductive when the results are not what one hoped for. Then it is time to ask the question "What is it I do well and continue to do well with?" and pat yourself on the back and say "Cheers to me!"
    559 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/12/2017 7:02:48 PM
    So very true. I'm glad I found this blog.
    560 days ago
    Great blog.
    561 days ago
    561 days ago
    What a wonderful message , I too often lose sight of it. I liked that you gave us reasons why not just an edict that the scales don't tell the whole story because I am too good at losing sight of the other things without someone to remind me !
    562 days ago
    2B: thanks for the quote! "I am grateful that I am still standing, breathing, walking and talking and have the insight to share with you! ..... I hope you will reflect and recognize the positive changes you have made towards the best healthy lifestyle! and continue to LOOK UP" .... NOT DOWN ..
    562 days ago
    Great Blog! I have changed my attitude toward the scale too. I focus more on NSV (non scale victories.) I still remember when I was able to wrap a normal size towel all away around me, and being able to wear my wedding ring after 7 YEARS. I look forward to more of your posts.
    563 days ago
    Great Blog!!! emoticon
    563 days ago
    emoticon for the reminder, Jan! It's just sad what we put ourselves through when we look at that scale.
    I'm part of BLC 35....again....Have been for the past few years. While it's great to get the encouragement from others, it's still hard, with as much as I've got going in my life, to actually do much in the way to help myself. Need a note attached to my forehead or something to remind myself to move at least once an hour. To watch my servings. Just to care about myself. emoticon
    563 days ago
    Thanks, I needed that! Have a blessed day!
    564 days ago
  • CBASS30
    Looking up is this girls way to fame :)
    564 days ago
    Hoping my scale tells me I'm skinny
    564 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    emoticon emoticon
    564 days ago
    How true! We all hate our scale at one time or another emoticon but just remember
    the scale can only tell you what you weigh and NOT who you are!
    Keep telling yourself "I can do it", because I'm a pretty wonderful person!
    Thanks for the great blog! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    564 days ago
  • no profile photo BONDMANUS2002
    564 days ago
    I don't use the scale. emoticon emoticon

    Thank you for this blog.
    Hope your Thursday is Great!
    Hugs and smiles,
    564 days ago
  • MARGIEB221
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    564 days ago
    WOW!! This speaks to me! The scale doesn,t budge for me and it really Bothers me cause I'm thinking I'm doing Great! I feel good My stats are good I'm getting exercise, my Rings are Falling off! I'm no longer letting the scale take my Joy away! I'm just gona keep doing what I'm doing! ~~~THANKS~~ BONZ emoticon emoticon emoticon
    some days I feel like throwing the scale out the window.... emoticon emoticon It will not get me down again! emoticon
    564 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/7/2017 8:57:21 AM
  • no profile photo ROSSYFLOSSY
    564 days ago
    Very encouraging
    564 days ago
    Yes! Reminds me of my blog when the scale wasn't moving much (and still isn't). Yes! Other measurements will save us. emoticon

    Like Ve, Chelsea
    565 days ago
  • no profile photo CHRISTOPHER63
    565 days ago
    emoticon for got to check the boxes emoticon
    565 days ago
    \Thank you for reminding i need to be doing the work when i do and the scales don't move i need to be thankful must be doing some thing right yes I may be going down emoticon but it did not go up emoticon
    so its early maintenance so that is good emoticon
    if I remember this I will not stress and eat silly . emoticon
    565 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I call my scale the beast and try to sweet talk it on weigh in days! Why oh why does 1 lb make us feel like we are doing badly! I try to go by my pants and tops and how they are fitting each day vs what the scale says. Water weight or bloating, big deal, I am the only that really notices! But I come back to SP each day and know that it will keep me on the straight and narrow and on the track to healthy eating each and every day!
    Thanks for reminding us that the scale is just a metal device and it certainly doesn't tell the whole story!
    Spark on and big hugs!
    565 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    emoticon emoticon I believe even the scales in the clinics are inaccurate. Found some on carpeting, which I heard isn't the best place for a scale. Believe me mine is on the tiled floor, need all the help I can get.
    565 days ago
  • DIROB57
    Very true! I just said the same thing to a friend today...the scale doesn't tell the whole story! I've gotten better about remembering that myself the past few weeks. I was never overweight until after menopause....now I struggle to lose even a pound. I've decided that I'm a turtle but I've also decided to be okay with that....even the turtle will eventually cross the finish line if she just doesn't quit! Thanks for an encouraging blog, Jan!
    emoticon emoticon


    565 days ago
    Another emoticon Blog, Jan.

    I weigh myself once a week and then put my scale back in the closet where I can't see it and be tempted to weigh more often. Instead, I base my successes on the NSVs that cannot go unnoticed. The first one that happened to me was when I put on a pair of pants that were a bit snug a year ago, and when I put them on again a few months ago, they fell to the floor. My wedding ring also had to be re-sized as it kept slipping off my finger.
    I also believe that rewards are a great incentive and when I reach a goal, I reward myself with a new CD or a new article of clothing, or a book..........I have many ideas for rewards!!!

    Relying only on the scale can derail you................Good advice, Jan.
    565 days ago
    You give extremely good advise. Your weight and age is just a number. A lot of people need to hear that time and time again. Especially the number on that scale. The age number, we can't do anything about that. We work each day to be healthy and to feel good. That's what counts.
    565 days ago
    After hitting a wall with weight loss , I did follow through with visiting an endocrinologist .It was the right place to go , I realize that it may take a while for the scale to move again with a small health challenge but it will move again when the the medicine gets the job done ! I will admit I was very discouraged but , continued to move , I am still working out and feel better in many ways . I look back to where I was in 2014 , I was only able to accomplish chair exercises , now I can do so many things including 2-5 mile cardio walks ,yes i stuck with all the cardio and strength training it is a process that works . My steps fell off a little with the latest challenge but I'm back up to my 20,000 plus the last 2 days ! We can do this , my life can not be ruled by a scale !!! emoticon
    565 days ago
    Gotta love Maxine!
    566 days ago
    566 days ago
    Great blog with the perfect cartoon!

    566 days ago
    566 days ago
    Yes, Ma'am! The scale is simply one tool that provides one piece of data. It is NOT the be all end all and provides limited information.
    566 days ago
    I love this blog and it's oh so true. I have been at about the same weight for 3 or 4 months now. I keep gaining and losing the same pound ever week. But, do I care? Nope. I am 3 pounds from the final goal I set of 135. If I weigh 138 for the rest of my life, so what. That's close enough. Much better than the 223 that I started SP with. I feel 30 years younger than I am and I'm off all my meds. So a mechanical scale is NOT going to make me feel miserable. I feel too good. Keep doing what you are doing. You are emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    566 days ago
    566 days ago
    That's the attitude indeed!
    566 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Super great blog today Jan. Very inspirational message. You are so right on so many points. As long as we get up everyday, can walk and take care of ourselves we should feel so blessed and full of gratitude. This was very well said in your blog today. Thank you so much for your share.
    566 days ago
    emoticon emoticon A message that needs to be remembered over and over. It has no power unless we give allow it to. emoticon Great blog. emoticon
    566 days ago
    Thank you for reminding me the scale is not in charge. I am in charge.
    566 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon
    566 days ago
  • LINDA!
    emoticon I am definitely very happy when I notice looser clothes and toning. I am just as happy with that as I am when I see a loss on the scale.
    566 days ago
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