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Thursday, August 31, 2017

good morning! yesterday was a pretty good day--the weather was lovely and I actually did a little work on the weeds. since I have decided that I am not selling daylilies anymore, I have neglected that area and it's very weedy. I am going to relocate all my plants into borders, so there really isn't any reason to weed the rows now--so I have just let the majority of it go--and it looks pretty wild out there. but I did some tidying and it's a bit less crazy now.
got handles on my platter--tried a different type of handle and it was a bit trickier than I expected (what isn't?) but they are on and it's covered with damp paper towel and plastic so it dries slowly. I hope it works because I like the way it looks a lot--and it's a very nice, serviceable size decorative platter.
last night after I got home from the underwater treadmill, we had a nice dinner of baked cod and creamed spinach--rob followed my written instructions and had the cod already started when I got home. afterwards we went over to Dwayne and Cindy's so he could help Cindy with her computer problem. he wasn't able to figure out WHY the problem had happened, but he was able to sit Cindy down and show her the process the machine was going through so she would understand what the screen was asking her for. she wasn't able to open the quicken program that she uses to do all their billing because the initial screen was different and she didn't know what it meant. the guy that installed the program had fiddled with the machine when she had a different problem and so the program was opening in a different way. he didn't bother to explain this to her, so when she was confronted with a new screen she didn't know what to do. now she understands the hierarchy of the files and a little more of what information is actually contained in the screen that can help her. then he had her sit down and walked her through creating a shortcut that will easily take her right into the billing file. last he backed up her data on a zip drive that had been giving her problems too. then he visited with Dwayne and Cindy and I went out to see her new baby ducklings. so cute and fluffy and peep peeping away in their little enclosure. then we all stood around the garage and visited a little longer in the twilight. Dwayne is struggling with the fact that his beloved old horse, Monty, is nearing the end of his days. Monty has been his posse horse for many many years--and at 27, his body is failing him--and they are very worried that he will fall and be unable to get up this winter. he has been Dwayne's partner for many, many years, a kind, gentle horse who loves children and has been a good, calm worker in the face of a lot of situations. he attended all the posse functions--his favorites were the benefits they did at holidays for kids--stoically wearing easter bunny ears, santa hats and various spooky costumes. he loved notre dame games, especially the tailgate party area, where he made lots of friends, including the lady who tried to feed him her special grilled fish tacos every time she saw him (Dwayne would politely refuse each time). and if there was trouble he would go into the thick of it without question whenever asked--putting his body in the path of oncoming cars or breaking up a brawl at the fairgrounds. a brave, solid horse that was partners with a man of the same qualities. Dwayne has two other horses that have taken over the posse job now that monty is retired, but he will never be replaced. last night as we were talking, Dwayne was describing to me in minute detail every posture and movement that betrayed how monty was having trouble. from the fairly long distance in the fading light he could still see the turn of his legs, the odd angle of his tail, the shifting of weight--all things that I couldn't see--but with the acute vision of someone who has loved and observed his animal for so long, Dwayne could see every detail. Dwayne is a marine who served in Viet Nam--he is mentally and physically tough as nails--can easily overpower (and has done so) men half of his 67 years. he betrayed no emotion with his voice, but the depth and tenderness of his observations showed how deeply he is feeling this loss. and Cindy loves Monty as well, and her heart is breaking for both of them. the day will come soon, and I hope and pray it is a tender release for all of them.
so think happy thoughts today of a big red and white spotted horse, with a gentle expression and a kind heart.
happier words tomorrow. have a good Thursday!
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  • LIVEDAILY is always sad when we lose a member of the family, and Monty is a member of Dwayne and Cindy's family. Being the good friends I know you are, you'll be there for them when it happens.

    I'm glad you're transferring your lilies to borders! Will you do that now, or a little later in the fall?

    Ach! Computer problems! You're lucky that you're married to a guy who speaks their language!! lol

    Went to the hospital for pre-admission stuff. It went well, and worked with a lovely nurse, but it was still anxiety causing. I'm okay now, but my adrenaline was really elevated for a while. I found out that where I'll be roomed is a brand new wing of the hospital, and it's very nice. Good to know!!
    599 days ago
    What a nice visit you had. Ohhh! Computer and all that stuff... We are currently struggling because our internet provider is changing... We FEAR change!
    600 days ago
    600 days ago
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