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Rough Week

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My family has had a very rough week and I am struggling with getting my nutrition and exercise on track. We have had a lot going on. The whole family has been extremely stressed. And if I can get it under control, it will benefit my family because I will be there to help them, especially, now!!

Last Wednesday, my great nephew (10 year old cancer survivor) ended up in the hospital because he developed two types of bacterial infections. So we were a bit stressed out about this but after a some medication changes, he pulled through and was sent home fro the hospital on Sunday. So happy to hear that he is doing well and is still happy go lucky.

On the same night one of my sisters was taken to the hospital from internal bleeding and she was hospitalized until Sunday as well. She had bleeding from her throat and stomach and she also developed pneumonia. But she is on the mend and has a very wonderful daughter helping her.

Then on Friday, when I made my daily call to my mom, she was really upset and so asked what was wrong. One of my other sisters call her and said that her son, (26 year old) was at work and fell 11 feet from the rafters and hit his head on concrete. He hit his head so hard it caused a traumatic brain injury. He is in the ICU in a fully induced coma and medically paralyzed. The doctors had to put a bolt in his skull in order to monitor brain pressure and is on medication to stabilize his pressure. This has been very difficult as he has been rejecting a lot of the treatments and the doctors say most people respond well to these treatments. The doctors said they have never seen a patient quite like him and it has been a learning process. They limited visitation in hopes it will help his brain to be quiet in order to help stabilize him. They can not wake him up until the pressure is very minimal. They also said they can not even tell my sister and her family what the outcome would be, but knows it will be a long road a head of them.

Family always has their differences and will not always agree, it is very vital to be there for one another no matter what. And because I feel that way, it has been extremely stressful and it's been hard to regulate my food intake. Some days I have not eaten enough but others I eat to much. I've been exercising, just not as much as I should. It would probably help with the stress. But some days I just don't want to move even though I have tried very hard to make myself. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It's going to be a long road for my nephew and I know that I can't help him if I can't help myself. Journaling is the best when stressed especially combined with proper nutrition and exercise. So starting today, I will dedicate my program to my nephew, who is fighting for his life right now. I want to be there for him and his family when he wakes up, because it will be a long road for them and they will need all the help they can get.

So I ask all those that have read this, please pray for my family and the full healing of my nephew. Prayer is power and we need all we can get. Thank you for reading.
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