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Saturday, August 26, 2017

I Choose Not to:

Answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize.

Spend time with people who are energy/life drains.

Do things that cause me stress or anxiety.

Ruminate on all the reasons I’m going to fail.

Worry about things I can’t control.

Let my past dictate my future.

Expect perfection.

Say anything about myself that I wouldn’t say about someone I love.

Allow fear to limit my choices.

Forget to have fun.

Be critical of others.


Surrender the power of choice.

Be afraid to set personal boundaries.

Forget to take care of me.

Beat myself up for not being a better friend, mother, wife, sister, aunt, etc.

Worry about what others expect of me.

Be around people who sabotage my efforts at being as healthy as I can be.

Lose sight of my healthy lifestyle goals.

Make excuses to get out of exercise.

Wear clothes that are uncomfortable or that I don’t like.

Keep eating even after I’m full; I don’t have to clean my plate.

Expect losing weight to be a quick process. This is a lifelong thing, so I need to enjoy the ride.

Give up.

Live Lightly!
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