Thursday, August 24, 2017

The sky IS falling. Already fell. I walked into my "office" - spare bedroom - at 5:45 this morning and stepped on something in the dark. What is on the floor. Wasn't anything on the floor last night.

Oh. The ceiling. The ceiling is on the floor! There is a huge hole where the ceiling used to hang out, lol. But the sheet rock and more insulation than I ever could have imagined might come from a 2' x 4' hole is on the floor.

I just got out of the hospital last week. Extreme vertigo, etc. Still a bit woozy and not in my best form. I did hold it together until I managed to contact the insurance company, my son and Joe. Then I lost it.

I live in a nice, pretty home which is in good solid condition. This is the last thing I ever imagined - to find the ceiling on the floor!

My a/c unit is in the attic and that is the main suspect. Hate it being up there but it was there when I got here. . .


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