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Random Acts of Fitness

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Next week I will be seeing my grandson for his 1st birthday. Yes, he is beginning to walk, the climbing, cruising, fall down learning stage. This picture was taken in March, and he is well over the 20 lb range now. In fact, his daddy was 26 lbs at 13 months of age when we adopted him, so I have a feeling this little bruiser has outdone his daddy. When I last saw him in May he was HEAVY. I just hope I can still hold him, picking him up may be an effort, but ya know, when you love your grands, and your kids, you pick them up, no matter what.
I intend to be doing some major weight lifting while visiting him for his first birthday.
And no worries about me eating cake. I can't eat eggs, and avoid gluten due to an intolerance, so there won't be those calories on my horizon.

Let the Random Acts of Fitness begin. Come to Grandma!

Other random acts of fitness are:
pulling weeds
raking leaves
pushing the vacuum
taking out the trash
washing windows
playing badmiton
playing wii bowling with my hubby
canning fresh veggies to make pickles and fruit for jam
chasing the cat to bring him to the vet (this week)
packing suitcases and boxes when you are moving or traveling
Looking all over for something you have lost
chasing your kid when they jump out the window and are running around outside (I did that to my mama)

What doesn't count:
jumping to conclusions
running your mouth

Looking for the RAF - Random Acts of Fitness
What can you add?

Getting healthy is my job. At a snail's pace. But making it work.
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