The Unexpected

Monday, August 21, 2017

Last Wednesday I had two terrible bouts of extreme vertigo, one in the a.m. one in the p.m., along with nausea, vomiting, clammy skin. My son Scott came both times, took me home with him and took care of me. Next day I went to my doctor to verify I had an ear infection. He gave me an EKG, saw something he didn't like, called an ambulance and off to Scott & White Hospital I went.

After two days of testing I know I have NO cardiovascular issues, some fluid in one ear, otherwise I was the healthiest person in the hospital, and they checked EVERYTHING!! So now I'm on meds and feeling much better. Still have some mild dizziness when flat on my back and turning over or when I first sit up.

This was my first time being in the ER or hospital in over 45 yrs! And they sent me home with BP meds so this will be my first prescription medication to take permanently. I'll be 69 in October so I made it a good while staying healthy with diet and lifestyle alone.

I work very hard with diet and lifestyle to stay healthy and off drugs and it works. Then I end up restricted due to a hip with no cartilage and terrible vertigo. DARN IT!!! Nothing I can really do about that! Still I know I could be much worse. Many of my friends my age certainly are, so I guess I can't complain.
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