Christmas in August!

Friday, August 18, 2017

So, I slept in a little bit this morning, because I was really still tired from making the jam, and then getting an EKG and a chest xray in the same day. Both the EKG and the chest xray were normal - yay!!

After I got the coffee going this morning, I decided to saute some sweet Italian sausage, chicken, and onions together.

First I cooked the sausages (5 of them), then took them out and sliced them, and put them back in the pan and cooked them through. Took them out of the pan, and put them aside. Took out one package of chicken breasts from Costco - 2 of the biggest breasts I've seen in a while! Cut up one whole half breast, and part of the other into large cubes. Seasoned that with garlic powder, onion powder, Mrs. Dash, and Tony Chachere. then sautéed that with the left over grease from the sausages (there wasn't a lot!). Then added the sausage back, and added 1 medium onion sliced, and sautéed that until the onion was crisp tender. Done!!

Then I got started on making the Christmas card I'll be selling at the craft show this year. I came into a bonanza of vintage small mother of pearl buttons. As I was sorting, I came upon this idea:

You can see all of the extra buttons I have all around the card, plus I have a lot more!! The card is white. I cut a piece of red card stock the same size as the card, then trimmed the edges with craft scissors, traced a circle on it, and glued the buttons down. I will add an itty bitty bow to finish it. Cards will be blank on the inside.

I saw another idea on Pinterest, and I thought to myself, I can DEFINITELY do THAT!! I had collected a large storage box full of old wooden sewing spools over the years. I used it in my classroom as a sorting activity and a building activity, and when I retired, I brought them home with me. I always see more at yard sales. Thread is on plastic spools nowadays.

I've painted the body of the spool red. I'll leave the bottom with it's original Coats & Clark sticker on it, and glue a pretty button to the top. I'll work a wire through the whole thing, hang a jingle bell on the bottom, and work the top into a loop for an ornament hanger!

That's been my day today!! Hope you had a good day, too!!
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