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Found What is Sabotaging My Weight Loss Efforts

Sunday, August 13, 2017

It finally clicked tonight as I was looking at my food journal and I went back to April 1st and noted every time I ate out or ordered out vs eating at home with on-plan ingredients, then checked the dates against my Saturday weigh-ins.

Out of 20 weeks I ate completely in-home for 9 weeks (I think. One week I gained I didn't log my food so not sure of that one). Come Saturday's weigh-in, I had lost during 5 of those weeks, maintained in 2 and gained in 2. So regardless of portion sizes, eating the gluten-free, sugar free, low sodium foods I keep at home, I only gained 2 out of 9 weeks and averaged a nice loss.

I ate out, or ordered out, one or more times during 11 weeks (it's more frequent that I thought!). I gained 10 of those weeks, and lost a few tenths once (eating out had been on a Monday so there was more time to recover). I weigh 19 pounds more today than I did April 1st and all of that was gained the weeks I ate restaurant food (the 2 pounds I gained during the weeks of home cooked meals, i also lost during those weeks). While med detox cravings didn't help the situation, I did still lose most weeks I only ate home cooked meals.

While most of the food I eat out doesn't appear to be that off-plan (with the exception of ice cream), even when I make good choices like the salad bar and avoid the pasta and mixed salads, there are hidden ingredients in it that my overly sensitive body reacts too. 24-48 hours later I'm climbing the walls with extreme cravings and bingeing, even if on healthy food. Trying not to eat, when those cravings are strong, just makes me restless and sometimes violent, although when it's approaching that point, I don't fight it any more. I eat. And eat.

I'm really frustrated. Eating out is the ONLY thing I have to look forward to. We go out before getting groceries (which helps keep non-plan foods out of my cart). Or the rare times when my sister comes to visit for a couple hours - we go out to eat. It is the only in-person (vs Internet) social contact I have had for the past 7 years other than 2-3 weekend visits with my family (where I am again exposed to food I didn't cook being careful of ingredients). But restaurant food, no matter how careful I am, seems to turn off my full signal and turn on cravings that take a week to die out and by then I've gained weight.

I long to be able to eat anything like I used to when I was younger. It is so hard to always have to cook from scratch, alter recipes and make it myself. When I order out it's usually because there's nothing easy to fix and I don't feel well or have the energy to deal with it. I try hard to keep that to a minimum but even once or twice a month means there goes 1-2 weeks of weight going in the wrong direction.

I don't know the answer. I feel like I've already given up so much food wise and struggle with feeling deprived. To say I can never eat out...??!! It really is about all I have left. But at least I am now aware of the problem. It's taken a lot of food journaling for this trend to register, but it is one reason keeping a food journal is a good idea. You never know what you're missing that you might finally notice, or suspect and then can go back through the journals and check it out.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    Journaling can help find patterns we'd like to change.
    I have found that a lot of my times with friends and family also used to revolve around eating.
    We have made some changes ...
    like walking together before/ after meals
    meeting for ballgames, or an active activity ... bowling
    334 days ago
    Dee, I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this. I'm not sure what a med detox is so I'm not sure what you can or can't eat. However, if you can eat meat, a lean 4-6 oz steak would give you protein, iron, B vitamins. Turkey burger wrapped in lettuce (no bun), & grilled chicken would be some good choices when eating out. It would also pick up your energy levels. Leave off the seasonings since you don't know which would set you back. I've been taking my own seasonings, water flavorer, and sometimes my own soft drink (too expensive at restaurants now - ever fast food rest.) You probably know all this, but sure don't want you to have to give up your eating out trips-Getting out is so beneficial to you and all of us.
    337 days ago
  • JF4009
    Dee, you are very insightful. Hang in there. We are cheering for you!
    337 days ago
    Oh, Dee, how frustrating! I have seen similar results when I eat out - I am always up the next day. But I drink a lots of water and really cut back the day after to help flush out my body. I think restaurant foods have too much hidden sodium and sugars!

    Now, that you have seen the pattern, maybe you can figure out the best way to combat it. emoticon
    337 days ago
    Hang in there.
    338 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    In April I went to an endocrinologist who is an anti-aging doctor (I'm 67) and he put me on Metformin, Armour Thyroid and a weekly shot of Bydureon and I've lost 40# since and had no hunger at all. My blood sugar was 115 and another doctor had told me "At your age you can't expect to lose any weight since you have Metabolic Syndrome and you don't need Metformin since diabetes starts at 126". Well, the other doctor said "You are close enough."
    I am so happy I found such a doctor who understands obesity. I recommend finding a doctor who can help.
    338 days ago
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