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Neurological issue?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hello friends,
Just a thought here. Something I kind of started thinking about since I'm still having trouble studying....
Could there be some neurological issue at work here? I mean, even when reading a book, which I do often, I find myself having to read the same paragraph, sentence, sometimes whole page, before the meaning of what I'm reading sinks in.
Same goes with the material that I'm reading for this test. I've read the book 3 times. Yet, I've been taking practice tests for months, and either I fall asleep halfway through the tests, or I take shorter tests but am STILL not retaining what I need to know.
Does anyone else have issues like this? Or know of someone with these kind of issues? I should have had this test taken before January 1st. It's already August and I CAN'T get through any of the tests with more than a 50% or 60% success rate!
I had been using the work overtime and family home life as excuses....and maybe they are. But my bosses don't care about excuses. They just want me to get this test done. I'm holding the company up, in other words. They can't go forward with what we need to do to keep operating successfully until I'm licensed.
I'm at a loss for what else I can do.
I'm not working the overtime right now. They won't allow me to, for one, unless one of them is there with me. Well, the only time I have to do the overtime is early morning before anyone else gets there. Sometimes I can stay over after work, but then I miss gym time, and I REALLY need that. I can't be giving up that, no how, no way. So, I'm not working overtime.
And I'm not going to feel, or let them make me feel, like a loser for being behind. I've told them over and over again that I'm so far behind. They don't get it. They can keep up, but I can't. They also aren't doing 4 people's jobs, like I am.
Since we lost the mail lady with cancer, they made me the mail lady.....again....since I have the experience from doing it for 4 years when I was first hired 15 years ago. We "HAD" 3 other new ladies join us in October or November of last year, but none of them were trained to do the mail at any point. We're down to only 2 of them left. The higher ups STILL won't let me train either of them to do the mail, so I can get back on track with the rest of my work.

Believe me, if I had more time, I'd be seriously looking for another job. But my husband wants me to get this test taken before I go that route. Then I'll be more marketable. I WANT to get this test taken, but I don't know how I'm going to be able to pass, if I can't study properly!

Sorry this is so long. Frustration tends to bring out things I wouldn't normally think about. If that makes sense.
Thanks for reading. And I know I've been nothing but negative in my blogs. I'm sorry. I want to get back to "normal" whatever that is again. There are too many things that need to change before that will happen though. I can't be the only one to cause these changes to happen either.
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    Do get to a doctor and share your experiences and concerns. Question for you ... is this study struggle something new or did you experience such struggles when you were in school? That would likely be a piece of useful information for the doctor to know.
    612 days ago
  • BEFIT019
    It's probably stress. You have a LOT going on! Best bet--don't take your chances. Go see your doc.
    (And you know what? Sometimes just a good cry solves everything, too emoticon )

    617 days ago
    Whatever the cause you need to go and see your doctor Jules. No point in asking the internet (that will scare your half to death) or us. We are not medics and could send you totally down the wrong path.

    Having said that if you have a lot on your plate (as you clearly have) and are not sleeping well it could be you just need to rest,.

    PLEASE, PLEASE go to your doctor....and get a referral if you're not happy with his immediate diagnosis/treatment.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    617 days ago
    it really sounds like you have too much on your plate - and only so much can fit there, without the brain going on overload.
    617 days ago
    You're going to get lots of diagnoses and they will probably all be wrong. Several years ago, I worked with a teacher who had symptoms similar to yours. After several doctor's visits, it was discovered that she had a heart problem. A pace maker put a stop to her symptoms.

    Please make an appointment with your MD and find out what is happening with your body.
    emoticon emoticon
    617 days ago
    617 days ago
    The other thing that pops into my head is ADHD. They do testing for that too. Worth finding out.
    617 days ago
    I know this sounds odd, see if you have epilepsy. That would explain some things. Also talk with a therapist. That could help.

    Sometimes with seizures, their not the ones where you fall to the ground and "flop like a fish" ones. I know, I have it. I have issues with it.

    Also if your not getting as much sleep and rest as you used to, get it. Noise can do it to. We as an species are very noisy now.
    617 days ago
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