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Saturday, August 12, 2017

I was watching a man make an 18th century breakfast, and read some of the comments. People were saying how "eating those foods" caused diabetes, cancer, etc... I'm a diabetic and I had to disagree with a lot of what they were saying~mainly because I've lived through a lot and done tons of research, and medical theories are constantly changing... here is MY comment!

"Ever heard of spontaneous genetic mutation? ANYONE can develop diabetes and it is not caused by obesity. I have lived with it everyday for decades, and there's new research all the time... Obesity is for most, more than likely a symptom. The body tries to fight diabetes by storing unused blood sugar as fat... there are many skinny diabetics, and they have a rougher time with complications because they don't have that particular tool in their makeup... Overeating certainly doesn't help, ANYTHING you eat will turn to sugar because that is what your brain and body use for a primary energy source... but eating less once you are diabetic is not the easy thing some seem to think it is. When blood sugar is high, it's because a person is unable to use what the body has consumed. It floats around in your blood stream, damaging the vessels and organs. And since you can't use it, you are RAVENOUS. Your brain sends constant demands for more food. You can trigger alternate genes by changing what you eat. The genes also respond to how much muscle you use, your stress levels, lack of sleep, etc. Then too there is this: I have been told by my medical team that I am a model patient. I take the steps they give me to take, and I have even had results that amazed some of them, and I still got socked with all kinds of complications... It's not anything that I have done or not done, sometimes things just go wrong. My interpretation of the things I've studied, is that even when I take care of my body's needs, I may still have diabetic issues, but it's not a death sentence, it's a life sentence. For the rest of my life, I need to learn and work and experiment to find how to best do that, and I so live. The best thing I can do for loved ones who are in that boat, too, is to give them support. Running people down is NOT helpful, I try to reach out to lift them up, to encourage... we can all use that. OK, I'll get off my soap box now... LOL I have also learned to laugh more... Humor helps too. A LOT. :-D "
I think a lot of this is true for all the ailments I've had down through the years. Life is not static, and no one of us is locked into a particular pattern unless we choose to be... and judging by appearances and making generalizations is not only short-sighted, it is seldom helpful, and often unkind.
Some one once told me long ago that you can't raise your self up by stomping on others.

I have always loved being here on SparkPeople because the folks I've met here are so positive and caring.

Love to you all...
Kathy emoticon emoticon
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