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Research, hope I'm right

Friday, August 11, 2017

So this week I have been really evaluating my fitness and nutrition reports and upon this review, I noticed how low a lot of my "vitamins" are and that I was not really consuming a lot. So I decided to go back as far as the reports allowed me to and sure enough, all of the vital minerals and vitamins were extremely low. When reading how vital these items are in my diet, I read a lot of the effects this has on your body and a lot of the issues that I have been having may be contributed to lack of these minerals and vitamins. Back story; I have fatty liver, a border line anemic, joint pain, headaches, stress, depression, anxiety, memory loss, sometimes an irregular heart beat, muscle pain, muscle cramp, restless leg syndrome, planters fascia, eye twitching, canker sores, upset stomach, pain and tingling in arms and legs, cramps in the knees and feet, swelling in the feet, feeling extreme fatigue, low sex drive, dry scalp, dry flaky skin, heavy periods, kidney issues, moodiness, and dizziness. I have had a lot of these issues for about 10 years now, some off and on, so about the time I had my first child. I have been to the doctor and they have run minor tests, not really any blood tests except the CBC (which don't tell you what vitamins you are lacking other than iron, that I know of), but they don't seem real concerned with the issues I am having. I have had one tell me that it's more than likely stress induced symptoms from my family dynamics. Could be, but I don't like that answer. My husband and I went over all the information that I found and agreed that this could possibly be a lot of my issues.

So, I decided to purchase vitamins last night in hopes that it will help with the issues. But I am just a little concerned of taking to much. I am not one that likes to take anything that is not food or drink, unless it is medically necessary. I purchased a multivitamin along with calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium vitamins. The multivitamin didn't include the last 4, so what I thought. I didn't realize that magnesium was part of the B12 family and some of the others were also part of other vitamin families. But I took all of them last night anyway, which resulted in a little stomach issue. So I read online that magnesium and vitamin C have a tendency to upset your stomach, especially if you take to much. So, lesson learned, I will just stick with the Multivitamin, Iron and Potassium.

Hopefully this will work and I can feel like I am normal again, if that's possible, lol!! I am giving this trial at least 3 months to see if there are any significant changes. If not, back to the doctors to see what they can do. Wish me well!! emoticon
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