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Feeling better, thank you...

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Thank you to all for the comments wishing me well. I'm feeling a bit better.
Most of this was from the stress I've been under over the last few months. With all the working and not enough time for myself.
Am hoping to get my DH to rub my shoulders tonight, when he gets home. That would certainly help a bit. Can feel the tension in my back and shoulders.

Part of it is because I'm trying to get used to hearing aids. Had a 30 day free trial, which will run out on the 11th, and unless they're both programmed correctly, they've been causing bad headaches. At first they weren't, but after every visit with the specialist, she's added more and more to them to try to help.

Today was my last day to have to visit with her, if I decide to pay for these things. They definitely help, but....can you even imagine the cost?! Had to take out a loan just to pay for them! They don't finance! emoticon
Probably should have done more research on these before actually taking them, I guess. I'm just not experienced in these things. Neither is DH. And we don't know of anyone that's had to pay for them outright.

Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow. My coworkers can tell when I'm wearing them, and that's what counts. I'm not having to have them repeat all the time. My family either, although I don't always wear them when home. Like yesterday and part of today.

The specialist did say that it could be the hearing aids that are causing the headaches. So, I'm to wear them only at work for a while. See if that helps.

And yes, I took yesterday off from exercise, and didn't keep my streak going. Hoping to be able to get at least 3/4 of the way there before bed tonight. Which I'd better get to here soon.

Have a good night all. Peace and Blessings, and again...Thank you. Love you all.
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