Karrie's 2017 Journey Week 2

Monday, August 07, 2017

Okay, this Last Week did not go as Planned.

Wanted to start on the "Right Foot" & before I knew it.........SH....IT Happens !!!!!!!!

Monday was okay. Even Tuesday was Okay. Get to Wednesday Morning-Mid Afternoon no Problems. Then Wednesday early Evening we get a Email from a Client, that said they were deducting our Pay. WTF???!!!!!

So, I Emailed the Client back & they rant & raved why their Roof wasn't fixed yet. And that they would be taking it out of our Pay every Month. Again WTF??!!!

So, I politely asked when this happened & all that Blah, Blah, Blah.

Well, they E mailed back that my Hubby had an Accident 4 MONTHS ago. emoticon (Like what Accident 4 Months ago?!!!!! ) Telling them this was the 1 St I had heard it. And they through several Days worth of Emails & Venting at my Husband, found out what the whole Story was.

To make a long Story short, It was a bunch of He Said, She Said BS. The Client wants for me to take their Side, Hubby wants me to believe him & you guessed it, I'm caught in the Middle.

At at the end of Thursday Nite, I gave them our Insurance Broker's Name, Number & Information, by Friday I'm so Stressed Out, I just threw in the Towel & bought my favorite Munchies & Pigged out.And have been Pigging out for 2 Days.

As you can tell, I'm an Emotional Eater. When Stuff runs smoothly, everything is a okay Food Wise. All emoticon breaks loose & well.......I'm back at Sq 1 AGAIN!!!!!!!!! It never Fails. It's like Clockwork. And everything I've tired doesn't even work or help.

On the Upside tomorrow starts a New Week. So here we go AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
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