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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Two years ago I had a procedure done by a pain specialist. I had woken up one morning just fine, and when I got out of bed and put my feet on the floor, I'd get a zinger down my sciatic nerve in my right leg. I'd rub it, walk around, and it would be okay. Only, it progressively got worse and worse every day to the point that I'd wake up in the mornings, and be afraid to get out of bed because of the pain. At this time I was seeing a chiropractor, and going for regular adjustments in the afternoons. Well, one afternoon, after my regular adjustment, the pain returned with a vengeance, and I drove over to my local emergency care facility. They examined me, gave me a prescription for pain meds, and referred me to this particular pain specialist.

I went to him the next day, and he scheduled me for an MRI and a nerve test. Then he gave me stronger pain meds, and scheduled me for this procedure. It's a sciatic nerve block, which is an absolutely amazing thing to go from serve, debilitating pain to becoming pain free.
The first one lasted 2 years. Two YEARS!! But 3 weeks ago, I started getting that old tingling, zinging pain sensation in my right leg again, and with the prospect of having cervical neck surgery coming up, I didn't want to be dealing with sciatic pain too.

I was up at 5 am, out the door by 5:30 - DH drove me - and on the table by 6:50. I forget what time I got home, but I managed to make coffee, have 2 cups, eat some eggs that DH cooked for me, and by 10 I was ready to go back to bed, so I did! Slept solid until 1:30, and finally got out of bed around 3:30. It's hard to get out of bed when there's a warm kitty keeping you company! No pain, and not groggy anymore.

Surgery update: I have an appointment with my regular doctor on Monday, and an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday. Surgeon's office is now saying surgery either on August 25th or the 30th. I know I need to have another chest xray done and I think another EKG done, but am not anticipating any problems from either one of those tests.
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  • 02SERENE
    Chronic health issues canplays havoc with our energy levels. I am glad you are getting wholistic and medical advice. Doctors are now understanding more that nutrition, vitamins plays an important role. If you can, be extra kind to yourself when something crops up.

    Lastly, I write down symptoms and just hand the sheet to the doctor. The doctor may not read it in front of me; but it goes in my chart. The doctor will review my chart later. I try to be proactive in my healthcare.

    I've had more than one issue and am always amazed how the doctor's communicate with each other.

    If you can, make an effort to keep a copy of symptoms reported to the doctor.

    Re: pain. One trick - rate it 1 to 10 and see how long it lasts. Sometimes, by doing that my brain lets go and the pain can not be as obvious. Nothing stays the same. There is always a shift. Sometimes, all we need is a change of perception.

    And always please be kind to yourself.

    And finally - Find something funny that strikes your funny bone every day. That has been a antidote for all kinds of pain that I have experienced.
    1410 days ago
    oh very glad the procedure worked as planned. sounds like a nice, easy day and you got plenty of rest afterwards. the next surgery will go JUST as smoothly and you will be in fine shape!
    as to giving up my flowers--what you said about teaching reminded me of rob's mom. she had taught 2nd grade for many years, and was a dedicated teacher. she retired early and said afterwards that she was glad to stop for the same reasons you were. too many circuses, too many monkeys. it's awful that this is happening to caring, dedicated people who just are pushed to the point where the joy is gone for them. the children are the ones who get the short end of the stick when this happens.
    1417 days ago
    1417 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    So glad you got the relief you needed! Take it easy.
    1417 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    So glad you got relief!!
    1417 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    Isn't it amazing what they can do these days, like that nerve block! My son had back issues and had to have certain nerves "killed" (maybe blocked? not sure) to find some relief...

    I'm glad you got that taken care of so quickly and it won't be another thing to cope with when you have the neck surgery soon. Happy to hear the pain is gone!
    1417 days ago
    I didn't know about that procedure. Glad it helped. One down, one to go. Prayers sent. Hugs given. Be careful and gentle with yourself.
    1418 days ago
    I only had sciatica once and I don't ever want it again. I am getting nerve pain in my feet. I have a physical coming up on 8/15. I hope I remember to mention it to him. They rush through those physicals. Fifteen minutes or less and you are out of there.

    I am glad that you are pain free. I don't know if I could get a block in my back. I remember how bad it hurt in my knees, I imaging your back is worse. Praying for a perfect outcome from the surgery I am certain everything will be fine. emoticon
    1418 days ago
    wishing and praying for a great outcome ,
    1418 days ago
  • ANNIE1114
    I have just started having Sciatic pain on and off for the last two or three months. I won't be going to the doctor about it until I have to go. I am glad that you got the pain taken care of and her ready for your upcoming surgery.
    1418 days ago
    Glad the leg pain is taken care of. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! emoticon
    1418 days ago
  • JANET552
    I'm glad you got relief so quickly. Good luck on the surgery. I hope everything works out!!
    1418 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14575754
    Glad you have relief again; let's hope it lasts at least as long as the first treatment did. emoticon
    1418 days ago
    I am glad the pain blocking procedure worked again. Hopefully it will last even longer this go around.
    1418 days ago
    Oh my. You've been thru a lot. Hope that this block works well for you!
    1418 days ago
    Prayers and hugs. I'm so happy for you to be free of the sciatica nerve pain. emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1418 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    Glad to hear your sciatica pain is gone. I know how painful that is! I pray this will last as long as your last one did, if not even loner! Hugs
    1418 days ago
    glad you were able to take care of the sciatica so fast, they are awesomely painful emoticon
    glad all is working together for your surgery, I'm sure it will be a relief as well. emoticon
    1418 days ago
    Sciatica is really painfull. I have been dealing with it for years. Comes and goes, but i always have to be careful how i am lifting things, even turning around.
    1418 days ago
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