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I don’t write a blog very often, but when I do . . . . .

Thursday, August 03, 2017

It is a rigmarole! I don’t write blogs very often because it’s so difficult to get the five voices in my head to agree to work in unison. While I got three to agree, one is asleep, another want to discuss Albert Camus and existentialism, and the last want to watch kitten videos on You Tube. Wait a minute, that’s six! Where did he come from?! I digress –back to the blog.

First and foremost, I want to extend my gratitude to Chris Downie, the SparkPeople staff, advertisers and the nearly 16,000,000 registered members, including my Spark Friends and teammates for helping me to achieve my health and wellness goals. Without their contributions, feedback, encouragement, and critiques and advertisements I would not have made it this far on the journey.

When I started this journey in August 2014 I weighed 255 pounds or was it 265? I don’t really know because I avoided the scale like a vampire avoiding sunlight. Additionally, I had sleep apnea, snored like a rev’ed up Harley Davidson, high blood pressure, borderline cholesterol numbers, and chronic back pain. But that’s not all! I had popped the bottoms or clasps on most of my slacks, could not button up my jackets/sport coats, and if I stood up straight and look down, I could not see my feet. In place of six-pack abs, I had a keg! But on the plus side, I had a wonderful smile.

Today, 4 years later I’m 195 lbs., the CPAP (for sleep apnea) is gone, my blood pressure is under control without medication, back pain has diminished, I exercise regularly, and my wife is so happy that I can sleep with her again! My clothes fit much better and I had to have my slacks taken in a few inches. While I still don’t have six pack abs, the beer keg is gone and I have nice looking feet, except for my pinkie toes that are a little curled under. Plus, the smile is even brighter that ever!!

There’s a lot more to this story, but it’s time for me to go. The fourth voice in my head just woke up and she’s arguing with voice number two on the difference between a pun and double entendre while the cat watcher is having a tantrum. I headed to the gym if I can get my truck keys from the monster under my bed. Alexa, where did I leave my brain?
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