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Success Requires Internal Discipline

Thursday, August 03, 2017

This blog was written by Mary Rau-Foster
This blog can be found here: www.workplaceissues.com/

When men and women join the military, they must go through an intensive training process known as boot camp. The purpose of boot camp is to transform an individual in a physical, emotional, and mental way. This transformation process begins as soon as the recruits step from the bus onto the grounds of the boot camp. The training seems almost cruel at times as people are pushed to their limits and then pushed further.

One of the underlying objectives is to force the recruits to develop discipline. Initially, the discipline is external in the form of a drill sergeant, or instructor, who barks out orders, dishes out discipline for the non-compliant recruit, and pushes all of the men and women to go further than they thought it was possible to go.

At the end of several intense weeks, previously undisciplined people have been changed into disciplined teams (troops). The intensity of the training is designed to break old habits and thought patterns and instill new ones. Many times, the change in the young men and women is astonishing as they appear more confident, mature, and disciplined.

What if there was a civilian or personal boot camp that would challenge and change our patterns of behavior, thoughts, and actions? Imagine getting into mental, physical, and emotional shape in six weeks. But then, would we want someone yelling at us to break down our defense mechanisms, to push us further than we would push ourselves?

Would it be necessary to have someone yell at us to force us to make changes? Do we have the strength to make those changes on our own? What is lacking? It is the discipline to just do it! The word discipline carries with it a negative connotation, as it is usually associated with the word "punishment" as in, "She must be disciplined for her actions."

Discipline implies control and it can come from outside of us, through others such as parents, bosses, authority figures, or drill sergeants. It can also come from within, as we make a commitment to ourselves to take a certain action or to refrain from engaging in non-productive behaviors. The results from internally imposed discipline can be so power-filled as we enjoy our successes.

I challenge you to decide what you would like to be, have, or do and establish your own boot camp routine. Upon successful completion of your program, invite me to your graduation.

Affirmation for the Week:

"I am in charge of my body, mind, and emotions. Through my internal discipline, I achieve the success that I desire."

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I honestly believe this is such a wonderful blog. Imagine being transformed in so many different ways in as little as 6 weeks. Maybe we all need to set this as our mantra and move forward with what the next 6 weeks can give us. How about it? Will you attend graduation with me?

Just for kicks ~

Have a disciplined week!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    707 days ago
    I will just speak honestly for myself at this chapter of life. I know if I was thrust into boot camp or even joined one, I would rebel. That is just me ...... I have been disciplined all my life while having non-supportive parents; I learned very early how I could self discipline myself if I wanted to get anywhere in life. I got through a very strict nursing program where I watched my peers being dismissed, washing out ... giving up because the challenge was too severe (at least then) ..... That was while raising two small children as my 'then' husband refused to "let me" go to school.
    This may work for some .......But after working since I was 16 (and before w/ babysitting jobs) .... I am done with the rules. I do all I can for me daily out of love and respect for this body and mind tht has already been thru the trenches. ......Not to knock your blog or the link; I just say "to each his/ her own".
    712 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    Donna - I am not in any way trying to be contentious here. If you like --- delete the whole comment. It's only an opinion and I'm the first to admit I don't know much! I just felt compelled to write this down.

    One of the things that gets done in boot camp too is a psychological breakdown. It's not the gentle, therapeutic kind of breakdown. It's the kind that if you are not strong enough in the mind, will break you. While I love the idea of 6 to 8 weeks and it's a whole new you, are any of us that have these issues we have really strong enough to take that brutal psychological breakdown? I know whereof I speak as I did my stint as an military wife (until he got out) and I knew him before and I knew him after. Not the same person in many, many ways. If this could be accomplished without the psychological stripping down, it would be the perfect program! I think one of the reasons it takes us such a long time is that in order to remain mentally unbroken, we have to take a much gentler approach to our psychological needs. In many, many cases, it's these very psychological issues that have caused us to use food - to find comfort, to stuff our feelings, to protect ourselves - whatever our particular reason is for turning to excesses of food. In a lot of cases, this must be addressed before much, if any weight can be lost or kept off.

    In my very humble opinion, this is a wonderful dream! I in no way want to step on it for anyone. If you can make this all happen in 6 to 8 weeks and then lose and keep off the weight - I will be the first one in line saying I was very wrong and congratulating you! I do think we can change our eating habits in that amount of time and I do think you can lose the weight once you change your eating habits. My disagreement is in being able to deal with the emotional reasons that got you here in the first place being taken care of in that time.
    712 days ago
    If there is a will,there is a way!Thanks for sharing,Donna! emoticon emoticon
    712 days ago
    713 days ago
    Thanks for sharing.
    713 days ago
    Interesting article. The Outward Bound program was developed to help people learn survival skills facing their fears. Participants sometimes would overcome challenges that recruits would say was impossible simply because they wanted to do so. Our mind is so important in our behaviors. Our attitude does limit our altitude.
    713 days ago
    OH my. I can testify to the difference boot camp makes . . . my DS enlisted in the army. Totally undisciplined. By the end of the 3 mth. boot camp, he was absolutely totally transformed. I was totally amazed.
    713 days ago
    Patience and persistence
    713 days ago
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