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How to Turn a Pig-Sty Into a Palace: Using Spark Guy's Plan

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like your very own Pig-Sty. What makes it that way ... Clutter! No matter how you slice it, clutter multiplies! ... We buy, we clutter. and then we de-Clutter. If you are like me, when things are out of sorts-I am out of sorts. Hard to think. Where did I leave my keys......My purse .... my CAR. You know the feeling when you go to the grocery store and run out the door forgetting your laundry list. Not a clue as to what you are running low on or out OF, nevertheless, you blunder around up, down, and around each aisle trying to fake it when clerks spot you and stop to ask if they can help you find something.

"Oh NO! " you fib, 'I know EXACTLY where I'm going!" . ..... So you continue to shop blindly and pitch things into your cart .... showing off your over the shoulder throw hand to demonstrate skill and confidence. And of course you buy the Econo size of mustard only to come home and find you already had three! ... Now you know breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next three weeks will include LOTS of MUSTARD! ..

Let's face it. Even if you have the cleanest sty on the block, too much stuff makes you feel you are living in a Royal Pig-sty! Packing around extra stuff and shuffling it from place to place is a sure way to wear you down and out!. Well I turned our Pig-sty into a PALACE using Spark Guys just TEN MINUTES in the criss cross effect to start and adding more as I could.

Ringo Starr of the famous four Beatles sang "It don't come easy." ....This Beatle knew the score cause outside of instant pudding or instant rice, nothing worthwhile comes easy, fast or quick. Time is always involved. But the rewards to any of your goals! How does it feel when you complete one and walk in the victory? .... Here are some of mine.

Like Sparks ... It sparkles! Everything has a place.

No clutter makes for a tranquil cuisine.

Small pantry; easy to see.

I love being able to park my car in the garage and have ample room cos "stuff" is on shelves!
Recently I did a final make-over to both kitchen and dining room for more efficiency. And finished the garage. Did I do this in ten minutes? No, of course not, but I took one room + one small goal and began with even ten minutes focusing on that one goal. I sometimes used the ten minutes and most always at least doubled my time. Plus, every time I start with 10 minutes and more it builds momentum just like building a big snowball, it starts little but goes big!

Please don't get me wrong. We never did roll in the mud or share the same Hog trough. Just too much "stuff" from nearly forty years of marriage! ... Together we're as happy as a pair of pigs in sunshine!....::: Oh by the way: Have you applied the small goals Spark Guy talks about? ...and have it working for you in "Any" area of life? Would love to hear as we have a Weekly Testimony on the team! ....
Thanks for stopping by friends and have a good Friday and weekend! Did you know that on July 1st Spark Guy started the Small goals and commitment challenge team? ...... Hop onto this link and join in the Action! ... Lots going on! ....

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CBASS30
    You have a lovely home!
    588 days ago
  • AURA18
    Thanks 2B emoticon emoticon song "It don't come easy" nice pic of Ringo.
    Beautiful kitchen, window above sink is like mine. Makeovers get better every time emoticon

    590 days ago
    Please come to my house and work your Sparkle!
    605 days ago
  • CUSH1932
    My goal is for my garage to look like yours. emoticon We bought the shelves to line the walls now its time to sort. Thanks for sharing.
    609 days ago
    You've hit the nail square on the head!
    609 days ago
  • JAJABEE1717
    I can really relate to forgetting that shopping list and trying to "wing it" and getting it wrong. For August so far I've been applying that "little extra effort" to the kitchen. Have gotten the cabinets done and the refrigerator, but am afraid I'll still be doing an extra 30 minutes each day through September to get through the remainder.
    Wish me luck and good commitment!
    609 days ago
    emoticon I am going to make "10 minute cleaning" a small goal for me - starting today when I get off work. emoticon
    610 days ago
    Love the ten minute clean up. I love organization and declutter. Unfortunately, my husband can't get rid of a thing and fill any empty space he can find with his stuff. "No, Honey, you'll never fit in the size 32 jeans again. Give it up." Unfortunately, he has hope. emoticon
    611 days ago
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. emoticon
    611 days ago
  • no profile photo ROCKS8ROX
    Absolutely Sparkling! Great article!
    611 days ago
    612 days ago
    Meant thanks much.
    613 days ago
    Thanks for being on my journey. This has been on my to-do-list for sometime. Challenged with homelessness and unstable housing. You should see my car. The much!
    613 days ago
    Wow! Looks really good. I have been busy decluttering and tidying up. Feels so much better all the way round.
    614 days ago
    614 days ago
    616 days ago
    emoticon Yes I am doing my back to school clean out/clean up. emoticon
    618 days ago
    622 days ago
    I understand! Clutter, declutter, clutter, declutter..... But when it is decluttered, you are right, there is peace! I am looking forward to that for sure. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Team Lead: Water Aerobics emoticon
    622 days ago
    Your pictures of your decluttering is what attracted me.
    622 days ago
    Thank you for your great blog today!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    622 days ago
    So true about the mustard.

    I get so overwhelming but need to follow your advice. I can easily find 10 minutes to read on Spark and much more on the internet. Need to spend at least 10 minutes exercising and another 10 cleaning every day.
    623 days ago
    emoticon + emoticon
    625 days ago
    Very motivating post getting rid of clutter is so important your house looks lovely GREAT JOB
    625 days ago
    The mustard thing is so funny & true. I'll think, "I can remember 3 things" - come home with a basketful of groceries & items, but miss one of the 3 original things. Next time, & the next, (& next) I remember the missing item. Sigh.
    627 days ago
    Sadly, I needed this post! I am so sick of clutter! The one nice thing about moving more when I was younger is I was forced to declutter and I rarely accumulated too much stuff. I am so much calmer when things are clean and serene. One of the odd things I like about being snowed in during a blizzard when it is too icy to go outside, is I get bored enough to do intense cleaning as opposed to the bare minimum. I organize everything. I deep clean and actually get into it. Usually I just suffer through such a task when I can no longer avoid. Your home looks clean, organized and calm. I can at least say this, we have pockets of clean and organized. The worst is the room I am in now-the computer/mess room.
    627 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/30/2017 5:42:14 PM
  • JUNEAU2010
    I sure wish I'd applied the 10 minutes every day for about a year! Getting ready to move next week is killing me! HA!
    627 days ago
    Looks terrific! Thanks for the nudge of inspiration! emoticon
    627 days ago
    Always feels good to get rid of clutter and have everything in it's place. Hubby and I decluttered the yard today, looks so nice. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    628 days ago
    emoticon and emoticon
    628 days ago
    Good for you! Everything looks so nice!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    628 days ago
    Well, if this isn't a most timely blog in my world. HA! I just finished deep cleaning my humble abode, that required moving boxes & furniture, culling stuff I don't need, cleaning, sorting & culling s'more, then moving furniture back and setting things to order. I'm delighted to report have more square footage! There's something about letting go of the old that makes room for the new about to enter my life~ emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon BB~
    P.S. Your place looks great!
    628 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2017 1:42:25 PM
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    628 days ago
    House is clean but still too much stuff. I need to apply this ten minute rule to "ridding out."
    628 days ago
    Wow, your "place" looks fantastic. I only wish mine were as organized. I started decluttering about a year ago but kind of got away from it. I need to set a new 10 minute goal and get busy again. I think I got discouraged because I can only declutter my "stuff". Hubby thinks he needs to keep EVERYTHING because he "might need it someday." Your blog and seeing your kitchen has made me want to get back on track with decluttering again. Thanks for sharing.
    629 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Living in a 32' camper ( part of the length is the hitch), I have to keep it de-cluttered!! My DH comes in and tosses things either on the kitchen counter, very small, or the table. So I do put things back to where they belong! Now our house that we are camping by is the worst i have ever seen. Our son and family are living there until their house is built. All their furniture and ours is in there and the girls are quite messy. I don't say anything but it drives me nuts when we go into the bathroom, shower and use the laundry. Otherwise we live out beside it. Will be on the road in the very near future so won't have to worry about it until we get back in the spring next yr.
    629 days ago
    emoticon emoticon My kitchen has been/is always organized... but, my "den/storage" room has become a "pig sty!" Thanks for the incentive and tips!
    629 days ago
  • CGEM61
    Yes! This was fun! Love hearing about the two of you being so happy in your "sty" very sweet.
    I plan on posting on Sunday's about my small goals. emoticon
    629 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Your home looks very organized. As far as forgetting the shopping list, I shopped today and realized when I got home I had several coupons that I forgot to take. duh!
    629 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Love your blog, great way to declutter. Now that my husband has brought everything in the storage locker, that is what I plan to do---start with commit to 10 minutes to separate stuff that should be tossed, set aside what can be useful for someone( put in fall sale in our park), and what I must have. Knowing once I start, it will want to work longer on the project each time. The storage locker keeps increasing the monthly fee, good time to bring it here and do what we should have done when we moved in.
    629 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    I tend to do things in "small spurts" as well. Every little bit helps!
    629 days ago
    "Just one thing"... that was my naturally neat / tidy / organized sister's version of it. I would commit to do "just one thing" (for ten minutes) to make myself feel I was in fact "working on it". emoticon
    629 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Awesome blog, as usual. I so look forward to your posts. Right now I am staying with a friend as I am separated from my husband, and I decluttered his apartment a little at a time and now it looks like a home and we can actually eat at the table. I look forward to making my own home soon. Thanks for another awesome blog, my friend! emoticon
    629 days ago
    Fantastic job on the de-cluttering. You can breathe now, can't you.

    emoticon emoticon
    629 days ago
  • RITA1956
    I'm in de-clutter mode too. I found Flylady a while back and it's helping.
    629 days ago
    The only way for me to start de-cluttering is for everyone who isn't supposed to be living here to MOVE OUT!!!
    629 days ago
    Oh how true. I have been de-cluttering for awhile now. I have my space pretty well taken care of - although I know there are always a few more things. If I leave them long enough, eventually I will say "this has to go".

    But our garage is AWFUL! And I am not allowed to touch it. This is my husband's domain. I suggest, I remind, and I nag - but the garage is still AWFUL. Last January I made him clean off some shelves in one of our (we have 3) storage areas - he is notorious for throwing junk in a box to "go through later" and later never comes so we have box after box of junk. The next day he says "I was pretty mad at you for making me throw out my things." He threw out nothing important, only things that were obsolete, broken, or hadn't been touched in 20 years. He seems to have a sentimental attachment to everything he has ever owned and it is driving my crazy!

    Before winter sets in again I am determined to get rid of all the JUNK in both of our outside sheds and what's stacked beside the shed - there is a lot. He's hedging on that one too. We got one shed almost cleaned out but there is a long way to go. Then when winter sets in we will once again attack those storage rooms! Him kicking and screaming all the way!
    629 days ago
    This is an awesome blog and I am taking the 10 minute approach!
    629 days ago
    629 days ago
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