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Friday, July 21, 2017

Ah! For the sweet essence of success! Taste it ...smell it, swirl it and savor the robust flavor.
Success comes in many forms. Have you ever thought about how we define or measure success? Do we postpone success until we actually "see" that magic number on the scale for instance, although progress is being made with milestones along the way. Do we wait for things to be 'perfect' before we can celebrate such things as increased energy, clothes are fitting better, or you find yourself being complimented. Maybe success can be a combination of a lot of good 'little things that add up to a lot!

Ok, it's time to spill the Beans! ..... On July 1st Spark Guy introduced the Small goals and commitment" team. Shortly after joining, I pushed the magic button and noticed success brewing in an expresso kind of way! ....Not like a cup of instant coffee but more a steady drip of wonderful scents permeating the air!

Yes, I am doing a little strutting lately. My cup is overflowing as I see progress and changes happening. Every day I take a few moments to ponder my goals and my plan of action for the day. I keep it simple. I learned that the hard way. Spark Guy advised to make a couple of goals that you will commit to and put some action to that, whatever your goal may be. When done--cross off the list. I have one toward fitness and health; the other involves some household projects. But with both goals, I use the principle he gave. Start with ten minutes and build from there.

Before I joined Sparks, my goal list looked like my GROCERY LIST .( NO exaggeration!) .. It was so long and tenuous I had to list EACH one alphabetically! ..... This was a sure path to Burn-out, & discouragement as I fell into a heap at sundown! .... Too exhausted to celebrate any accomplishments, as I still had one LONG unfinished list staring at me! ...
In contrast, my way of goal setting caused chaos, while Spark Guy's caused calm.

I no longer labor into delirium for my goals! I took Spark Guy at his word .... and have applied the ten minute rule to my goals. this is what I have lost and gained so far. The several pairs of shorts I bought at the start of summer are now baggy! ..... My energy is returning ...... Did lose three pounds and 2" off waist. My husband (also spark member) and I share this goal and are having fun with it. The other day he weighed and came running in: "IT'S WORKING! .... the scale is DOWN!" ..(two pounds off for him, and nearly at his goal weight) ..Also, I will admit after a steady streak of working out, my body begged for a rest day. But I remembered my commitment. Ok.... I said, 'I will go for the ten minute rule and not feel guilty when the buzzer rings!" .... Well ... oddly, my ten minutes turned into 40! ... I love hearing this more and more from other Sparkers. Keep telling your stories!

Here is one from Spark-friend PAMBROWN62 had to say ... (as she gave me permission).

The "just have to do 10 minutes" is what got me exercising. I figured I can do just about anything for 10 minutes. Funny how that worked. Suddenly 10 minutes became 15, then 20, so forth and so on. Now I exercise at least 30 minutes every day. That 10 minutes prompted me to get a Spark Tracker first , and later, a Fitbit. I now walk a minimum of 10K steps a day, every day. Believe it people, 'just 10 minutes' can set you up for a lifetime exercise habit. At least it worked that way for me.

Ah ..... Isn't the aroma of success wonderful? And remember, just as there are many enjoyable flavors to savor, so is success .... it comes in a variety of ways. Staying consistent keeps us on the highway to success! ... But don't wait to get there before you enjoy.

For you who have not joined the small goals and commitment team this is the link at the bottom so you can get on to join if you are interested. Hope to see you there!

Have fun on your journey and remember ... ten minutes can take you in another direction and be the start to your success!
Thanks for stopping by friends. Enjoy your Friday and weekend! emoticon

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