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Friday, July 21, 2017

First I would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, and prayers. Alice was our special girl, and is truly missed.

Now for the update. Today I finished my radiation therapy. I do not have to go back. I will start seeing a different doctor here in town for the Hormonal Therapy. My side affects from the radiation haven't been bad. I am so happy about that. I have been lucky from day one.
Our garden is sure looking good. The Sunflowers make me smile. So I am passing along the joy. Oh, and more Bee's have showed up. There for a while I was worried. We were not seeing that many. Late this year, but better late then never!

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  • PICKIE98
    Prayers worked! You are such a wonderful person and deserve to have a healthy, long life with your family and friends. Love you sweetie.
    485 days ago
    Beautiful pics!!! I'm glad to hear that the radiation isn't too hard on you. Prayers and love! emoticon
    493 days ago
    Glad that the treatment has finished. emoticon
    494 days ago
    I found you again on SparkPeople! We met here and then got in touch on Facebook. Now I am back with a new user name. I didn't know about your struggles and I am very sorry. I hope you are doing okay with all the stress and that your body will continue to heal. I am really sorry about Alice too. emoticon God bless you and have a wonderful weekend. emoticon

    503 days ago
    Beautiful flowers and great news about the radiation being done too.
    504 days ago
    So thankful for the great update!

    As for bees, you can have mine. They're under my house right by my side door. The dogs won't leave them alone, so they're angry. It's all kinds of fun.
    505 days ago
    Glad to hear treatment is done. Yea

    Thank you for sharing your flowers so pretty

    It didn't rain as much here. Wish it did

    506 days ago
    Thanks for update & pix! So glad you are doing well. Hugs!
    507 days ago
    I am so glad for the good news your sunflowers are gorgeous.Alice was a wonderful dog.Sarge will be happy to be reunited with her.
    508 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Excellent news with the radiation! Love the sun flowers which are a very appropriate flower for your success and good luck!
    508 days ago
    Great news Jeanne, glad everything went well for you. emoticon
    Your garden is looking lovely, sunflowers are such happy flowers!
    We don't seem to have many bees again this year either.
    509 days ago
    Nice pics - and great news on your health!
    509 days ago
    Beautiful photos.. glad you finished your treatment. Praying for total healing for you, sweetie. Much love and many emoticon
    509 days ago
    Sad about Alice but WOW doing the Happy Dance on the completion of radiation treatments. Love the sun flowers.
    510 days ago
    Happy news with the treatments! Good luck with the hormone treatments now. Go cuddle with Henley and Munchie.
    510 days ago
    Good news ,woohoo. emoticon
    So glad for you and yours, I know this is difficult.
    Beautiful flowers and bees. emoticon
    510 days ago
    Thanks for the update the photos are wonderful so cheery :)
    510 days ago
    Thankful you are doing so well! Always love seeing sunflowers! Thanks for the update. Hugs❤
    510 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your joy...and your good news!
    510 days ago
    Such fantastic news...you are strong & a fighter..which helped tremendously!
    Your flowers are gorgeous...hope your veg. garden is doing good! emoticon
    510 days ago
    Oh, I also love your sunflowers! We have Black Eyed Susan's, daisies and purple cone flowers, but no sun flowers this year. We did get a beautiful sunflower arrangement a few weeks ago when my husband's younger passed away unexpectedly. After about a week on our kitchen table I hung them upside down in the garage to dry so I can use them in the house again this fall. It's been as hot as the Sahara in the garage so they should do well if something doesn't find them delectable first!

    Have a great day!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    510 days ago
    WooHoo! So glad to find out about your radiation treatments ending! I'm also glad you didn't have any side effects. I didn't have to take any radiation or chemo when I had my breast cancer, both times. The second time when a small mass was identified though I had a mastectomy. I had had enough biopsies, mammograms and worries with it all.

    The first time I had a lumpectomy and was also in a clinical trial for aromastase and exemastine. I'm sure those two meds aren't spelled correctly since I didn't get out my history notes, but they are estrogen inhibitors. I reacted to both of them with joint and muscle pain which made it difficult to even walk across our yard. I didn't think I could suffer that pain as a daily reminder of breast cancer for the five years I would probably have been on the medication. When I first joined the clinical trial my medication was free. When I was switched to the other medication we had to shoulder the expense which was over $200.00 a month. They were new drugs and expensive. I probably only took one drug or the other a total of 7 or 8 months after the first spot was found. 8 years later the second spot was found. The biopsy I had then missed the spot so it was declared benign, but a follow up at 3 months found it again and it was larger by about three times the original size. That's why I chose mastectomy instead of another lumpectomy. When I visited the plastic surgeon he suggested a double mastectomy because my breasts were quite large and he didn't want to recreate another large breast to match the unaffected one. So after a consultation with my surgeon they both agreed to the double. The plastic surgeon put temporary implants in when the mastectomy was done, during the same surgery. My insurance only paid for the affected side, but my only other choice would have been to go flat or use a prosthesis. I had had back surgery and hoped that eliminating my breasts would also help with anymore back issues. My plastic surgeon gave me silicone implants about a year after the mastectomy with many visits to see him for initial biweekly increases in size until we decided that my breasts would be the right size for my body, but also doing away with the droopiness of my original breasts. I don't have to buy or wear a bra anymore which is only one advantage of not having big droopy breasts.! More importantly I don't worry so much about a recurrence of my cancer. I think statistically I have less than 1 percent chance of recurrence.(knock on wood!) I do get a chest X-ray periodically to check on things, but no more mamos. This is probably more info about me than you needed to hear about since everyone's cancer journey is different, but I wanted to share it with you because sometimes the decisions we make can be difficult, and this is the path I took to be physically well. My weight journey is another story that I am still working on!!! May you only have good luck and good medical care in your future!!!

    510 days ago
  • JANET552
    Great news about the radiation. I'm sending prayers for continued good news. Hugs about Alice. She reminded me so much of our little Molly.

    Thanks for sharing the flowers. I especially love the sunflowers. I was going to grow some but never got them planted. I suppose that's just as well as my mobility problems have made gardening such a challenge. I still try though. Yesterday I worked at a site I volunteer at and a friend and I watched the bees at a rose bush. I love seeing and hearing them. I'm so glad yours are back.
    510 days ago
    You are a warrior in more ways than one!! So glad that treatments are over. Hugs

    Sunflowers did bring me smiles too emoticon emoticon
    511 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/21/2017 12:14:56 PM
  • LOSER05
    Fantastic health news, I'm still sad about Alice emoticon may that Beautiful girl rest in peace.
    511 days ago
    thank you for the update. so glad your radiation therapy is over and it went well for you. love the sunflowers. i have a few strays growing around that probably were planted by the birds from the seed they eat that i feed them.

    hoping and praying that your hormone therapy goes well for you.

    511 days ago
    Still so sorry about sweet Alice, but I'm glad to hear the radiation therapy went well, and you can stay local for treatment now!

    Thanks for sharing the joy with your beautiful sunflowers! We have bees nesting in our compost bin this year! It's lovely to watch them coming and going.

    511 days ago
    Enjoy this milestone day - radiation is behind you and better days are ahead!! Love those sunflowers and have made a mental note to add them to my new garden next year. I used to grow them (unfortunately in a spot where I couldn't see them readily) BUT my neighbor and the goldfinches sure loved them!

    511 days ago
    Thanks for the update and the gorgeous photos! emoticon
    511 days ago
    Love your sunflowers, and glad you're feeling pretty good.
    511 days ago
    Those sunflowers are beautiful.I never get any big ones the birds always seem to eat the seeds.Beyond happy you have not had may bad side effects from the radiation .BIG HUG emoticon
    511 days ago
    Really glad to hear that!!!
    511 days ago
    Great news! Glad to hear your radiation therapy went well.
    511 days ago
    You're such a gentle warrior, my friend. I'm glad to hear the radiation is over, and grateful the side effects have been bearable. Sunflowers make me smile, too...something else we share. I'll continue to pray, and trust the rest of your recovery is smooth so that every day is a bit better than the one before. God bless you, J.
    511 days ago
    Wonderful news and joy to spread! Beautiful flowers to help you celebrate God's blessings! I know Alice will be missed for a very long time!
    511 days ago
    thanks for the update.
    Prayers are still being shared
    gotta love the Bees and Sunflowers
    511 days ago
    I love your Sunflowers. It's a beautiful thing to see everyday.

    God bless you. I'm so happy your finished with the radiation treatments. Hugs

    Thinking of you and Dennis while you are missing Alice.

    I'm glad the bees are there.
    Have a special Friday, enjoy your day.

    511 days ago
    The sunflowers are just beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us. I am so thankful your treatments are finished and you are feeling so good. Hopefully the hormone therapy will go well. Still so sorry about Alice. Hugs
    511 days ago
    Happy for you and love the beautiful sunflowers.
    511 days ago
    Glad to hear about not having too bad a side effects Jeanne, that was lucky. My bil is bad for a few days every time after his.

    Bees, I think it must be something to do with the weather because I have not seen that many over here.

    You garden looks as good as ever with those Sunflowers.

    Have a good weekend

    511 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your garden! Good news in the health department... must feel great to be finished with the radiation.
    511 days ago
    So happy to hear your health news!! Love your happy sunflowers!

    511 days ago
    Good news all around! I'm so glad that things are going well.
    These are joyful! emoticon
    511 days ago
    Sunflowers are beautiful!
    511 days ago
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