Welcome to the Third trimester!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

So I am officially in the third trimester! I can't believe it. So far it has alternately flown and dragged. Little Lilian is due on October 18th, but due to medical complications, which this pregnancy has been FULL of, I will probably be scheduled for a cesarean birth around September 27th or so. We'll get the bassinet this month, which is exciting! I still need a coming home outfit, diaper bag, and some other things. :) I'm excited!
This is when Lilian will really start to pack on the weight. The weight is already climbing. I have an ultrasound week after next to see if the placenta is moving as I'm hoping, otherwise it will be an automatic cesarean birth, which I'd love to avoid. We'll see. The placenta issue would make it medically necessary, unfortunately.
Not sure how active I'll manage to be once she's here; i'll be caring for a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old, AND a newborn! I will seriously be busy!
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