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Because, mom and dad taught me that!

Friday, July 14, 2017

On Thursday I had a job interview. Same agency just a different department. Mind you, I've been with this same agency for 26 3/4 years. I know most of what goes on there and I've seen every change imaginable. The job I applied for was an Administrative Tech. It meant having all weekends off, all holidays off and not having to get someone to work for you so you could get a vacation.

Yesterday, Heather who interviewed me came to me and let me know they had hired someone else. This new person, Tabitha, worked in a mortuary. Mind you we do work with mostly living people. emoticon But they felt she was more qualified. During my interview I felt like they were giving me every road block possible. The AT job is not one who normally does maintenance. They decided to write that in to the job description. They know I can't climb ladders or walk very well out on uneven property or clean icy sidewalks. I honestly felt they deliberately jeopardized my opportunity for this job. When I went in to the interview on Thursday the first thing I was told that I was over qualified for the job. What the heck? How can a person who normally answers the phones, talks to clients daily and does reports monthly, etc be too qualified? Well thank you for a backwards kind of compliment, I think!

Enough of my rant. I still have my same job. I still get 40 hrs a week. What I don't like it having to work weekends and every holiday under the sun that falls on my normally scheduled days of work. When I was with the other agency before the new merge 3 years ago. I had all holidays off and worked Monday - Friday. That was taken away from me when the merge occurred. I'm 57 years old. I've worked since I was 14. I'm getting tired. But if you know me, you'll know I'll continue to give my job 110% no matter what the circumstances are because mom & dad taught me that.

Have a great day everyone ~ Donna

Just for kicks ~
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    It does seem they are discriminating against you, Donna. Gosh, I'd be upset too. God is watching over you....& you will find something better, you'll see. Hold your head up high........you're the best at what you do! Keep pushing forward!
    732 days ago
    I understand why you are feeling frustrated. emoticon
    732 days ago
    Sorry you didn't get the job!
    733 days ago
    734 days ago
    Donna, I truly feel for you. I've been through something similar myself. I interviewed for a Shift Foreman's position (They had 14 openings and were interviewing only 19 persons) and I was told by so many that I was a "lock" for one of the positions. I didn't care which unit I worked at (an oil refinery) I just wanted to advance myself. 2 weeks after the interview I was working as a 'fill-in' shift foreman (irony here) when my Supervisor came into the office, shut the door and wanted to talk. O.K. He tells me I "won't be getting the position since the interviewers felt I was 'too honest' during the questions" WHAT?!?!?! So that was then, my poor little feelings got hurt and I retired. Worst thing I think I've ever done. So I admire your sticking to it and your learning from your parents so well. Guess I should have listened to Mom more myself.

    Hope you're doing well and maybe you should consider looking somewhere else? Just a thought. With your experience I'd think 'lots' of companies would be interested. Good luck in your future endeavors...

    Carpe Diem

    734 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    I am sorry. Corporations seek only to promote themselves and any person in a position that does a very good job is often blocked from getting another position. When businesses were owned by companies or private owners, things were much different as they actually appreciated the hard work and dedication of each employee. They rewarded said employee instead of penalizing them. I have seen this happen so much at my DH's work. They used to be owned by a company and now are owned by shareholders. I am ever so grateful that my DH does not want to move positions within his workplace!

    735 days ago
    My DH was told the same thing Donna once he was over qualified!!!
    What they are really saying what YOU DO no one can fill your shoes!
    They wish for you to remain right where you are at,go figure! emoticon
    735 days ago
    736 days ago
  • SUSANH1230
    I understand your frustration. I worked for a mental health agency for years as a RN. It ran 24/7/365 nonstop. My final 2 years, I managed the crisis unit. I was required to make sure it was fully staffed every shift. Things were fine the first 6 months, the kitchen workers, behavior health techs, LPN's were working their shifts. Then winter came and the call ins started. Guess who worked any shift from maintenance to kitchen duty to nursing to personal care? ME, I did it. It took a huge toll on my health. I even had to find coverage for my job, just like you, when I wanted a vacation. Not worth the extra pay at all.

    More than likely the reason you didn't get the job is because it would be more difficult for the agency to find a replacement for your position.
    736 days ago
    736 days ago
    It can be frustrating at times. Hang in there. emoticon
    736 days ago
    Sounds like you analyzed the situation very well.
    It is possible that you are doing SUCH a good job in your present position that they want you to stay right there. Not the right attitude, of course, but as many are fond of saying lately "It's not personal, just business"
    736 days ago
    736 days ago
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