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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ever wake up in the morning and wonder if your motivation flew off in the night?
I know better because motivation is something I know we do have. Once I get to stirring, it will come alive just as before! Sometimes it seems motivation can be as illusive as a Butterfly. But as I remember my goals and commitments for the best of health my motivation rises to meet me.

Hard to capture hard to keep.... emoticon
Don't we WISH it was instantly there with the wave of our magic wand ?

Speaking of WISHING

Wishing is an act that is EASY to do. emoticon ..It takes no effort!
We can sit back, fold our arms and wish as we daydream. Dream of winning a lottery. Dream of that beautiful body we once had ....Or WISH to be *just like* the model on the magazine cover. Wanting and wishing for something better instead of working to make it so.

Oh those Fantasy movies that romanticized our wishing emoticon had as much power as a magic wand. Captivating, but as a child, I found my magic wand lacked the power to change a thing! Our imaginations were stirred but outside the movie theater, wishes without action are like that twinkling star; emoticon bright by night and gone by morning...:::

Nope! I have no magic wand to make me look 25 again! :::
So why don't I just decide to look my best, any time of life? .... Like Now?
Life is for living and is not found in the shadows of the past. It's up to me to be ME I was meant to be.
..........:: ::: WISHES HAVE NO WINGS. ..:::: Wands have no magic.
No one can take care of my body ::: ..Except me.

Don't we take such good care when we get a new car? .... Proudly show all our friends
But when the shine fades and it shows wear and tear, we can always trade in for a new model.

Let's Not waste time WISHING ... for our bodies to be like the shiny floor model on the showroom floor.

No, we're not like our cars that we can trade in for a new model.
This is the one time body we have til death do us part. There is no lifetime warranty or money back guarantee if we are not fully satisfied. No Refunds.

It's all Here In Sparks ...:::: . Drink Deeply From the Wells of Inspiration
....:: Daily and Live:::....
.:::May the Spark Force Be With You! :::.. emoticon

...::: Thanks for stopping by friends and have a great day! :::...
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