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Review, Revise, and Move Forward

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Time to Review, Revise, and Move Forward.

I’ve been back at SP and on the way to a healthier me since January and I think it's time to review my program and progress toward my goals, make revisions where necessary, and move forward with confidence. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now so I hope I won’t be too surprised by what I find.

Here are my goals, with what I hope is an honest self-evaluation of my progress:

1. Make my healthy changes PERMANENT.
I don’t know if I’ll ever be sure about my achieving this one, mainly because of my lifelong struggle with it. I’ve lost lots of weight many times, always swearing that time would be the last. On the other hand, I’ve noticed some positive changes recently. For example, when I eat things that aren’t necessarily healthy, like pizza or a cheese steak, my stomach has become upset on several occasions, which has never happened before. Another plus is that I can no longer eat the copious quantities of food I’ve eaten in the past. I fill up too quickly and my belly aches. So, weighing the +'s and -'s, this one is up in the air.

2. Have a healthy BMI (18.5–24.9).
When I started this in January, my BMI was 42.1 and it is now 40.3. I know it isn’t the most accurate way to measure success, but it IS a way of measuring progress. It’s just another way to reinforce that I’m heading in the right direction.

3. Weigh 135 lbs.
I’m not sure if this is a realistic goal for me. I think the last time I was at this weight I was in my early-to-mid 30’s, which is a long time ago. The closest I’ve come was in 2009, when I hit 152 lbs. I was happy with my weight and the way I looked then and felt great. Given that, I would be willing to readjust this goal to reflect a more realistic one, if need be. But for now, I’m making slow and steady progress and it’s still my target.

4. Lose the first 10% of my body weight: 25 lbs.
Done 5/16/17

5. Lose the second 10% of my body weight: 22 lbs.
Only 9 more pounds to go.

6. Run in the 2017 Garden of Reflection 5K and better my time of 2009.
This race is run the weekend of September 11th. I have started to slowly get ready and can jog (which, for me, at this point, isn’t much faster than a fast walk) 1.75 miles. I plan to gradually increase my distance between now and then. It’s going to be tough, but I think I can do it.

7. Add strength training to my workouts, 2 days a week, and stick with it.
My strength training has been sporadic, at best. It has never been something I enjoy, so I have a hard time sticking to it. Right now, I throw in little bits and pieces with body weight exercises and dumbbells, only occasionally. This can be an area for improvement for me.

8. Cardio, 5 days a week, for 60 minutes.
This is an ongoing success for me. I don’t think I’ve missed any days. I started out with a Leslie Sansone 4-mile Walk DVD and walking outdoors. I soon added cycling, which I love (I even bought a new bike!) and, most recently, added light jogging and water aerobics.

9. Lose enough weight to fit comfortably in an airplane seat and vacation in Denver, CO and Sequim, WA.
I know I’ve made progress on this, but I don’t know if I’m there yet because I haven’t had the opportunity to fly anywhere. The closest thing I’ve got to evaluate this goal is a seat at a concert venue and I did ok with that. So, I’m hopeful on this.

10. Eat within my calorie range every day.
I’d say I’m about 80% on track with this one. There have been birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions that I’ve gone off track for a day or a meal or two, but nothing more than that. Lest I break my arm patting myself on the back, I have to admit that night time snacking has been a struggle for me. Some nights are better than others, with a lack of consistency being my biggest problem. It’s not that I don’t have enough calories at the end of the day for a snack or that I eat non-nutritious foods or even that I'm hungry. It’s my own lack of self-control when it comes to limiting myself to one snack or one serving. Right now I’m on a 5 day streak staying on track with this, which makes me happy. If I can finally get the nighttime snacking under control, things will go smoother (and quicker) for me.

11. Drink AT LEAST 64 ounces of water a day.
JACKPOT!!! I NEVER miss on this one! Water is truly my beverage of choice!


1. I am down 38 lbs. since January.

2. People are starting to notice a change in my body.

3. When I started, doing the LS 4-mile walk dvd was painful and I could not complete it. Now I can do the whole thing without pain and even go out for an additional walk afterward.

4. According to my Fitbit, my resting heart rate has decreased from about 100 bpm when I started in January down to 69 bpm now. I know my Fitbit isn’t anywhere near 100% accurate, but it is still a reflection of good progress here.

5. I can once again cross my legs comfortably.

6. I’m buying smaller clothes.

7. I can walk and ride my bike further and faster than I could when I started (I couldn’t jog at all). Wish I could say that it’s easier to do those things, but I push for improvement, which means I stretch my capacity, thus those activities remain difficult.

8. Definition has returned to my calf muscles.
9. I can see my cheekbones again.

10. I can cut my lawn and do other work around the house with greater stamina, so I accomplish more throughout my day.

Current Short-term Goal:

1. Lose 10 lbs July 11 -- August 11, 20

Live Lightly!
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