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Saturday, July 08, 2017

If you wud have told me I could lose the w weight without surgery I would have never believed you 4 months ago I was weighing in at 412 pounds I am now 359 pounds it was a wake-up call sitting and talking to a surgeon and he said people that get this surgery last 10 years longer than people who don't and a question went off in my mind how did you know how long they was going live if they didn't die yet what is this based on so I guess typically people that are obese they died at a certain age and he based that on that what is like generally how do you know someone's life expectancy as if we come with the expiration date to some people that might make sense but to me it was foolishness only God knows when we're coming home not a doctor unless you got a terminal illness that's different but with all that being said no Doom and Gloom 4 months ago I decided that I was going to change my life for my daughter and for me at first it was just for my daughter and as I saw that I actually could do it if it came about me so might have started for some people say unselfish reasons but as I saw that I could do this it became very selfish I wanted this for myself and all it took was for me to have willpower discipline and do what I'm supposed to do and not was easy for me to do or doesn't take much effort for me to do I just what was on my mind I know really blog before but if anybody feels like I feel feel free to comment it just blow my mind that I was able to lose that much weight and all it took was going to the gym and not quitting
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