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Saturday catch up

Saturday, July 08, 2017

I was reading a blog shared by BROOKLYN-BORN, by SWEDE-SU from Thursday. Thought I'd share what my reply was to her blog. Very insightful and something I need to start researching sometime very soon if I want to be ready.
Sharing her blog here.

My reply:

"Thanks for your insight to eating while traveling. My DH and I are planning a trip to Scotland next year. It helps to know what the food is like there, and such. Still researching that little by little. Probably "won't" try the hagis. emoticon
But yeah, I'm hoping to get my eating habits under control by then...and lose some lbs and gain some muscle, especially in my legs, to keep me going cause we plan to do A LOT of hiking. It's my hope anyway."

Thought about seeing where I can get a giant map of Scotland to put up on my wall by my desk. It would keep me motivated to keep moving more if it's in my face every day. Maybe a smaller one for my work desk as well.

Studying is still off and on. Will get back to it as soon as I finish this blog.
My workplace had a Mid Year Convention for the agents over the 4th of the July. DH and I went. There was a lot of food, all of it catered, of course. I stuck to only one plate, not full, and no desert. By the time I actually thought of desert, it was all gone anyway. emoticon
I applaud myself for a successful day there. The next day, when stepping on the scale, I was surprised to see that I was down 3 lbs! emoticon

Then, the very NEXT DAY, I've discovered that I CAN NOT control myself when I'm not with my husband. Both Thursday and Friday I had to drive myself into work. Both days, I stopped at my "favorite" gas station for some cappacino and, just because I was walking by it, I grabbed a chocolate donut. Figured it wouldn't hurt for one day. Well, same thing on Friday. Don't know why we put ourselves in these positions where our cravings seem to take over and that little voice inside say, "just for today." Yeah right.

Discovered that I need to cut the cappacino also. Even though the gas station offers "sugar free" variaties, they aren't. It's loaded with sugar. Finally got around to researching just what I've been eating and drinking there and how bad it is for me. YUCK!! Guess this gas station is not my "favorite" any more.

After I finish studying today, or probably tomorrow, I plan on shopping for a couple of sun tea jugs to begin making my own tea. Used to do it every summer, but got away from it when our granddaughter broke my last jar and we never did replace it. Plan on using loose leaf tea from either "Natures Pantry" or "Hy-Vee". Not the already bagged tea that are all over the place. Maybe, just maybe, I'll start losing again!

While I know a lot of this should be simple understanding, day to day have to realize that I've been "LIVING" my work over the last few months. Literally! Working 10 to 11 hour days Monday thru Friday. Then studying for this stupid test, which I should have had taken long since now, over the weekends. I woke up this morning feeling like my life is not my own any longer. That's why I've been so unhappy and haven't cared about exercise. Just plain too tired. That and the fact that our daughter and two of our grandchildren STILL live with us and can't keep our house clean for us since we're gone all day every day. SO TIRED OF NOT HAVING A HOUSE TO OURSELVES!!

Sorry. Get carried away sometimes, especially since I'm the type who holds everything in for a long time until it explodes outward. Trying to work on that as well.

Well, this is longer than I'd expected it to be, and I need to get back to studying. Hot outside, so the afternoon will be spent at my computer anyway, reading and taking small tests to better my understanding of these security issues I have to learn.
Have a good rest of the weekend all. Peace and Blessings. emoticon emoticon
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