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Friday, July 07, 2017

This blog is a public confession.

I am writing about some behavior that I really want to change. So I'm hoping that if I go public, maybe that will finally force me to do what I have to do.

On the scale, I have been bouncing back and forth between three numbers for the past several weeks. Whenever I am near the top number of the three, I am very careful about watching what I eat. After a few days, when the number reaches the lower of the three, I go off my routine. I relax and overdo it with food.

Then the scale bounces back up again, to the higher of the three numbers.

I have lost these three pounds many times over. And yesterday, I did it again.

So now, I am pledging -- to myself -- in public -- that the next time I reach that lower number, I will persist and continue on track -- at least until I have gone down below it.
I need to get out of this rut, because I really want to lose another few pounds.

One plan would be to just stay off the darned scale altogether for a week or two.
I should just track everything I eat, staying within limits.
Then, I should weigh myself at the end of the week.

The other plan would be to just continue tracking - and daily weighing - no matter what the scale says.
And then double down on my efforts once I have reached the low number again.

The best plan, though -- I now realize -- would be to track and eat in a way that feels comfortable every day - no matter what the scale says.
Then, I should just continue to do that when I finally reach that low number again.
This is the only plan that is really sustainable for the long run.

And I guess I just haven't found that comfortable way to eat yet - while staying within the calorie limits. I need to experiment a little more with that.

Much of the time, I am eating two good-sized meals during the day: one in the morning, and another meal again at 3:30 to 4:00.

That plan doesn't go well with having house guests, though, or when we are joining others for dinner out at 7pm. (During the last two weeks of this month, we will have a house full of guests.)

I need to develop an alternative 3-meal plan, where I eat less at each of the meals.

Really, I need to be more flexible and have a bunch of plans that can work for me.
Smaller portions - whenever I eat - is a key.

Also, I need to have alternative foods in the house that will keep me on track - something I can eat while everyone else is having pie for dessert. (Watermelon will usually work for that.)
Also, I will want to have pie once in a while - just a small piece. That's only being realistic.

Okay, writing this blog is helping me to solve this problem.

See how good confession can be? emoticon

Better yet, see how good blogging can be for solving problems!!
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