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Confessions of a Child-Thrill-Seeker!

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Friday, July 07, 2017

Yes It's true alright! I started my 'thrill-seeking' days early in life .... about the age of seven! .... Ok ...So it was just playing hide and seek in the dark with my brothers and the neighborhood kids. I hid so well no one could find me! .... And visiting our Grandparents on their farm in the Sierra Nevada's and sneaking into Grandma's attic when she strictly said "Do NOT GO INTO THE ATTIC while I go out to the henhouse!" ....

.....Big Oops! .... What do ya know? ... Sure enough, we watched as Grandma slipped out to the back forty to gather the eggs. My and I carefully tip-toed up the creaky old stairs leading to the forbidden attic to see what was in the old trunk we accidentally HAPPENED to open... Though an adult, I find it is hard to fully abandon all my thrill-seeking ways. I have actually found how to apply them to health and fitness goals. I make my commitment fun with SparkGuys Small Goals Community Challenge team that began on July 1.
Stay tuned as I share how I outsmart yours and my foe: the Evil SCALE! .. emoticon

My Birthday Thrill Seeking: emoticon
It all started a few days before my birthday last week.
Had plans to go to Pastini's, my favorite Italian restaurant but it's an hours drive North. They even sent me a Birthday coupon for a FREE entrée! WHO COULD RESIST! Oh we will be getting our very own Pastini's right here in town in less than two weeks! ... But the coupon would be expired then! LOL

Yet, two days before my birthday, Spark Guy introduced his new Small Goals Community Challenge team. I thought over my goals. And the calories I could easily consume! I changed my mind! NOT GOING!

"What ON EARTH will become of that FREE coupon?" a friend asked.
The buzz is: "Pastini's is to DIE FOR!" ....Causes me to wonder: "To die FOR or FROM?" lol

Or friends would say, 'Hey! You only live once!"
True! But I would like to make it last as long as possible and not push the envelope!

Now onto THRILL-SEEKING-STRATEGIES on how to defeat the scale! ...(Once and for all)

I knew I had to think smarter than the scale and find a way even on those "Aw gee, do I really have to days?" Alas! A bright light flooded my mind! Obvious, i was having An 'Aha' moment
Things are turning around! ... So long stubborn plateau! ...

How to Play Limbo Stick and Win! ... emoticon

Here's How to Play:

Let's take a situation:
1. Take your present weight. To illustrate: Let's say you weigh 142.4 pounds and you want to get down to 135 pounds. (do not focus on how many pounds you have to lose)
2. FOCUS to get UNDER the limbo stick .4 to hit 141 by using all your skills each day.
3. NEW GOAL: is to go under the limbo stick into the 130's and say goodbye to the 140's.


Shortly after Spark Guy introduced this new team (which is exploding with enthusiasm)
I thought about my small goals and how I was going to out-smart not only the scale, but knowing half the battle is with our own minds, I wanted to daily motivate myself and not let the flame fade away.

Hee hee .... It is so thrilling to put one over on those scales!
Determined to win with the limbo stick game, I proved it to work when starting, I wanted to get under the current number on my scale. But I got even more than going under a number as I lost a full pound the first day, after fine tuning my food tracker and a quality workout! ...

Playing limbo stick with your weight takes the pressure off if you are discouraged at thinking "I have to lose 20, 30, 40 pounds or more.
You know that but your focus will SHIFT to getting under the stick one number at a time!

No, you no longer have to engage in dangerous sport to get your daily dose of thrills!

Like me, you can play this game every day and it never gets old!
Yesterday I was 4 ounces over a certain number. ...But in my efforts to get under the limbo stick, I got even more than I bargained for! .....I lost a FULL pound! This is a Double thrill that anyone thrill seeking would be happy about! .... Who said kids get to have all the fun?

All that is required is to rekindle the flame with your childhood and think like a kid again!

Oscar Wilde once said: "Life is too important to take seriously." ... lol .... so lets have some fun!

If this sparked you, make a visual and draw a stick figure person and a limbo
bar and stick it on the fridge or a place you will see every day.
"HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?" ....... is your reminder and a new way of out-
smarting that scale!

What do you think you can do TODAY to change TOMORROW?
Much thanks to Spark Guy for starting this Small goals community challenge team and if you have not yet joined, shimmy on over to this link and join up! Trust me ... It is life changing and is changing me! ... You in for some Limbo-Rock?

Here is the link to get started. And if you have already joined, give me a woo-hoo!

... emoticon
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