Coming out of the worst of it...

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

When we last left our intrepid adventurer, Dawn, she was on her way to a business trip out of state.

What we did not know is that she would be in a car for 9 hours round trip with two other people who were sick. *cue scary music*

Needless to say Dawn got that illness. *cymbals crash*

Our heroine is allergic to the broad spectrum antibiotics that so nicely clear up this issue. The first 10-day regimen of antibiotic did not work. She is now 7 days into a 14-day second round (and different type) of antibiotic.

For the first time today I woke up and felt somewhat like myself. I have been sleeping insane hours. Fevers that come and go. The only times I've left the house are the days I drag myself into the office. The doctor says I am not contagious at this point. Most of the infection is in my Eustachian tubes. For such tiny little narrow tubes you must wonder where all this gunk draining down the back of my throat is coming from.

But finally. FINALLY. Today I feel less fuzzy-brained, less fatigued, woke up actually interested in what the day may bring. Maybe...*gasp*...I will leave the house.

I've been sick since June 9th. I'm super ready to be better. Hope you all are doing great!
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