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Sunday thoughts

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Good Sunday Morning, hope you all are enjoying your morning so far. I am sitting here writing this and eating my toast with peanut butter. And I have an interest question. There is only one peanut butter that I buy and it is the store brand, why, for one thing it is cheaper, than Jiffy or Skippy, but what the clincher is that it is the only Natural Peanut Butter without sugar added. And it taste SO GOOD. Now to me a Natural peanut butter, should be just peanuts, but no they all have sugar added, so how can they say it is NATURAL. Just have to read those label to know what you are eating. So check your peanut butter and see if yours have sugar. So do you think that it is faults advertising, when they add sugar but still call it Natural?

Ended up yesterday going over and getting a new phone, as hard as they tried I DID NOT get a smart phone. I have no desire to have a phone make me look dumb. So it is just a flip phone, they don't have the sliders anymore, and I hate this flip phone cause it has no keyboard, so now I become a PICKER again. I hate that click, click, click. but I was not spending that kind of money on a phone. I will go without first. Boy, do those company have us. I have apologized several times to my old phone the she ended up in the toilet, and broke her. I am so Sad, and I hate this phone. Even went next door to check out the there competitor and there I couldn't even get any one to wait on me, and I did see anything but those Smart Phone, I pad, I pod and everything else I. So left and came back and just bit the dust and went with this one. Then the girl said she transferred all my photo, and didn't realize until last night that only half of them were transferred. Bummers.

Gosh, this blog is kind of negative, and that really is not how I feel. I did take a short walk this morning after chores, and spent some time with all the kittens, the weatherman says it is suppose to get in the 90's today, so there won't be much outside active this afternoon, can always use the recumbent bike. At least it is beside a AC vent and it has a fan build in it, so I could keep my cool.

I had better shake a leg and try to get something done around here, got my first head of cabbage out of the garden and want to make some cole slaw. Oh, that will taste so good for supper, with a roast in the crock-pot, and another veggie. Yum. So you all have a GET day and don't forget the ME time. Linda

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    I admit it...a perfectly practical Iowa girl caught up in the foibles of the technology age. I must admit I LOVE my I-phone...and I LOVE my laptop and desk top....yes it is the way of the future my friend. We all don't have to accept it...but if we want to exist in the's technology that does it...and actually, even though it is me it's worth every penny! emoticon
    889 days ago
    I'm with you, I don't want any of those new phones either. Just give me something I can make a call with. You get the funny looks like you are nuts when you go to a store and say that!
    893 days ago
    I have an I phone but I do agree they are expensive. I didn't know they made flip phones anymore. I am a Skippy kind of girl. Just try to avoid sugars in other ways.
    Have a great day.
    893 days ago
    Cole slaw from freshly picked cabbage, yum!!
    Natural doesn't mean 'naturally occurring in this exact food', it just means it is not a synthetic food. Very tricky, I know. I read ingredients and nutritional labels before I buy most anything these days.

    DH & I finally got dragged into the 21st century w/ smartphones a few years back, when our flip phones just finally wore out (mine broke, his went swimming in the toilet, then got run over by a truck!). I had always pooh-poohed folks that were always on their phones, and thought they just needed to "get a life" and stop being addicted to an object. These silly folks can't imagine going anywhere without them. I didn't get it until I got a smart phone myself. Ashamed to say, I now get it. The convenience of checking SP on the fly, checking my email, looking stuff up on the internet, an easy to change grocery list that can be reordered every time the grocery store rearranges itself, and a decent camera are all great conveniences to me. It is a little pricy, but I guess I've been bitten by the "tech-bug" as now my phone goes everywhere with me, too!
    893 days ago
    OH I am so with you on the phones. I have no need for FANCY.

    Hope you get used to your new phone, though.
    894 days ago
  • GORDON66
    I have a flip phone, a land line, and a rotary dial phone. Old school all the way!!! Kittens are so much fun! Take care Linda!!!


    894 days ago
    Cabbage already! Lucky you to have fresh veggies from the garden. My radishes turned too hot, so I pulled them. The garden is growing with all the rain we have had. I buy a peanut butter that just has peanuts and I can't eat the other kinds like Skippy-tastes too sweet.
    Have a great Sunday!

    894 days ago
    I don't believe it is considered to be false advertising because the manufacturers would claim that the sugar is a "natural" ingredient. It is not sugar in peanut butter (although we use a peanuts only brand = not even salt added) that would be a concern to this gal = my concern is the "to extend shelf life" ingredients that are downright scary!

    We had the neatest little cell phone for years = gift from our cherished eldest & her husband (one of our two treasured son-in-laws). They even had us on their plan & our #1SiL would not hear of taking any money from us to put on that monthly bill. One thing about our three Vision "kids" is that they are generous to a fault! Sometimes I believe that they are too generous; however, I would rather know that they are generous of heart than stingy with what the good Lord has blessed them with in this life.

    Back to the phone; when that phone bit the dust after years of super service, our Blessings (D#1 & SiL#1) wanted to get us a Smart Phone (they had upgraded to them when they first came out & had tried in vain to gift us with such a phone, too = we simply did not need all those "extras"); however, we decided that we would opt for a very simple phone (all we use it for is to carry when the two of us or either one of us is away home), with a great plan = any unused minutes (which there are always many) roll over to the renewed three months contract. It works for us & we enjoy knowing that in buying it one of the phone from their plan was freed up for their family's use. They have six phones on their plan.

    I am not a fan of the new phone; however, I am happy to have it, as I use it as little as possible. emoticon

    We, too, are spending this afternoon indoors, as our temperature has reached into the nineties. emoticon I like closing up the windows & closing out the world to enjoy time with just the two of us & our Little Gal. We are in the snug = my beloved MrV is watching a baseball game, while Little Gal naps on his lap. And I find such pure pleasure in being together, as I sit in my chair half listening to the game, while typing away on the tablet, as I go about my rounds here in "Sparkville" = multi-tasking at its best, don't you know? emoticon

    God bless!
    894 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I have a landline and tracfone. I do not need to take a picture of anybody, look at jokes, games,etc. I have that at home and refuse to pay exorbitant prices for junk I do not need. This country is allowing themselves to be dependent on China and Japan. How. How soon they forget...
    I pay $99 for over a year of use with double minutes which I never use. I need my landline for faxing and the regular phone.
    Only suckers allow themselves to be used by foreign companies for things they WANT, not need. You are right Linda.
    894 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    I agree with you about sugar,it is everywhere. I don't eat peanut butter very often, so I go to a store that has a machine that grinds peanuts as you wait, just peanuts , nothing else,and we can choose the amount we
    Have a good week-end. emoticon

    emoticon for the boys
    894 days ago
    Yeah, flip phones don't have keyboards. But I never use mine because I don't post or text from my phone.
    The ingredient list on our peanut butter is "peanuts" and that's all it needs. Available in both chunky (for me) and creamy (what my son prefers.)
    894 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/2/2017 12:16:51 PM
    I get where you are coming from on the Smart Phone. My DH and I were hold outs as long as we could be but last December we needed to replace our phones and decided to jump in. We got the least expensive models we could find and switched our plan from Verizon to Consumer Cellular (not quite as good service but good enough for us). I DID NOT like it - at first. The thing was, my Smart Phone was apparently smarter than me.

    BUT - I have become accustomed to it now and actually found it to be such a help to me while I was recovering from my surgery. I have even taken a few photos but my heart isn't in that one - I still prefer y camera!

    You need to do what's best for you and I completely understand. There are many days when my husband says "I miss my flip phone". It certainly was easier to carry around! Have a wonderful day - tonight's the night for bread pudding!
    894 days ago
    "Natural" doesn't mean organic... 'no additives' has to be on the label, at least here in Canada it does. We have an ice cream made by Byers that it says just that, and the ingredients are, milk, cream, and chocolate, or strawberries, whatever kind you like... period. No additives. Hope you can find a peanut butter without sugar added. emoticon
    894 days ago
    Your supper sounds yummy! Enjoy your day!
    894 days ago
    If I can do an iPhone, you can too.
    894 days ago
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