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Getting Fit in a Hospital Room

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Getting Fit in a Hospital Room

First off, to all my Canadian friends, Happy Canada to us! emoticon

To my emoticon friends, wait until Tuesday! You will have your day.

So, today is the start of a new 5 % Challenge and today is the first day of my summer holidays. If this were any other day or year, I would start a new challenge, or the summer by getting outside, exercising or getting things done around the house.

This year is different though, my daughter is in the hospital after having had surgery to manage her epilepsy. Being a worried dad means I am sitting here in the hospital room watching her breathe, watching the little movements of her body, answering questions as she drifts in and out of sleep, or chasing down a nurse to help my daughter, but none of this is exercise.

So what can I do to keep active?

I've parked my car about four blocks from the hospital and every two hours I have to move it. Cheaper than pay parking and gets in some steps.

When I leave the ward I walk down one level or up one before taking the elevator.

I have been doing push ups against the wall and stretching while I sit in the chair.

I've asked if I can take my daughter for a walk using a wheelchair but they won't let me, not yet.

So, what else can I do to keep active?

I've thought of jumping jacks, but I don't want to wake my daughter or scare the nurse when she re-enters the room.

Sit ups on a hospital floor, even though it looks clean I can't even imagine what's been on the floor so I am not even considering that. emoticon

Bedpan lifting, not enough weight, and I'm not filling those things.

3 sets of 20, lifting the IV pole will only get me in trouble or pull the tubes from my daughters arm, even I'm not that insensitive .

I'm determined, I am going to make this a successful summer and an amazing 5% Challenge, I just need to keep on track.

Any suggestions, please comment with serious suggestions that will help me out, or offer some ideas off the wall so I've got something to laugh about while my fellow Canadians are enjoying BBQs and fireworks and I spend the day thinking about more ways to get healthy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Andy, I just came across your blog. I want to let ou know that I'm praying for your daughter and I hope everything went well!

    All of the activities you were doing were great and it keeps you from getting stiff and sore from siting in a chair for a long time.

    Again, good luck to your daughter! emoticon
    1094 days ago
    I hope this surgery helps control your daughters seizers. You are an awesome Dad.

    Burpees in the waiting area. Seriously, here are two office workouts you can do. One is good for every day:

    (sorry no link capability in a comment. You have to cut and paste)

    This one is when you need to let off some steam and get an upper body workout:
    1094 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/12/2017 6:09:04 PM
    Bless your daughrer. Our daughter has heart issues, so empathize with you.
    I have MS and do a lot of chair aerobics at times when my legs haven't worked. Sounds like you are doing a great job of keeping up the exercise where you can.
    1097 days ago
    I have no exercises to offer but I'm with Diane about the chair idea.
    I hope she recovers quickly, I'll keep you in my thoughts today.
    Be strong
    1104 days ago
    Firstly, I hope your daughter will make a speedy recovery when this is all over. I think you're doing awesome with keeping your own lifestyle priorities in check during this time. I like the chair exercise idea from Diane. You can do arm dips and push-ups off the chair. How about heal raises?
    1104 days ago
    You can do squats, leg lifts, isometrics, yoga, dancing (nurses might like that).

    I hope all goes well for your DD and she is home soon. You are a wonderful dad!
    1104 days ago
    HI Rusty ! WOW I am so GLAD I came back ! I HAD thought my post went on here, but I was super tired and should of been sleeping.

    How is D today? I SURE hope this works !

    Exercising ,,,, how about doing chair exercises? They can be done very quietly if you have ear plugs. They can easily be found on Sparks/youtube/hulu/amazon etc. There are sooo many different types of exercises you can find on these (and other) sites.
    1105 days ago
    Andy, I'm so sorry your daughter continues to have problems. I hope the hospital stay results in a treatment that lasts longer.

    As far as exercise, I used to do lots when my late wife was in the hospital. Since most people tend to sleep a lot there, I would go outside for a walk whenever she took a nap. You could also extend your trips to the car to incorporate another 15 minutes of walking. Walking up and down the hospital stairs can also help a lot in a short period of time. You're right about the bedpans - that isn't going to happen...
    1105 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Hoping for a speedy recovery for your daughter! My cousin had that surgery and it was amazingly life-changing for him.

    I like the idea of having to walk out and move the car. I'm not so sure about exercising in the hospital room. You're right, it might scare the nurses and floor exercises are out, ew, gross. Go get a cup of tea, making sure you take the stairs and stay away from the green jello. (There's always green jello whenever I visit the hospital, apparently, some people consider that food.)
    1105 days ago
    Thoughts and prayers being sent to you and your daughter. On the last challenge, my husband was in the hospital for 2 weeks (I was so scared, he nearly died!). I knew that I needed to keep up with my personal goals and made it okay to tear myself away, the hospital had a walking path. It cleared my head and gave me strength to help my husband pull through.

    You are doing awesome already. Take care!

    1105 days ago
    Sending healing prayers for your daughter .You can do ankle rotations do not do more than 50 in each direction each hour or you will find out this insignificant sounding little exercise can cause pain ! If you have bad knees or week ankles it is a real help though .Draw circles in the air 50 to the right and 50 to the left one leg at a time.
    1105 days ago
    Sending prayers and healing thoughts for your daughter. How about toe touches, squats, lunges, and if you are feeling adventurous a little shadow boxing
    1105 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Go for a walk around the hospital. I am sure there are plenty of places to walk as I work in a hospital and I try to go for a lunch walk or I walk they skyways in the morning.
    I hope your daughters surgery went well. Keep on sparking!
    1105 days ago
    Sending healing prayers for your daughter. God bless emoticon
    1105 days ago
    So sorry about your daughter, I will be keeping her in my prayers. What a wonderful father you are!

    1105 days ago
    I'm sorry your daughter and you are having to deal with this. I will be praying for y'all. You are already doing great. I do look forward to reading others suggestions, as it could come in handy for many others. As for few more ways you might can get movement by: walk sits, various squats, lunges, standing yoga, heel raises while standing, and shadow boxing (but you might get some funny looks).
    1105 days ago
  • no profile photo SILVERNANCY
    1105 days ago
    Praying all goes well for your daughter. Maybe someone else on the floor might enjoy a ride in the wheelchair. Or how about getting two full bottles of water for arm curls.
    1105 days ago
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