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I Will Not Go Back To Neverland!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Somehow I knew just how these poor chaps felt; crawling on the burning hot sand in search of that 'something' that would quench my hunger and thirst for a better way of life with health and fitness. ... Dry to the bone, and dehydrated with nothing more than my sweatband.

Life today in Sparks is to drink from an Oasis from a fountain from fresh springs that keeps me satisfied. Never do I wish to return to Neverland from the wilderness I once knew. No longing for old the old habits that are buried deep in the desert sand!

Yeah! It was not a mirage!
I have been rescued and I can get a daily dose of thirst quenching motivation, knowledge, and fellow friends feasting at the water hole!

I have found two easy ways to self motivate:
I can think of the many benefits I now enjoy as a result of health and fitness .
In contrast, when necessary, I can do a quick review of life in the desert.

Never to return to the wasteland of Neverland to repeat self-destructive behaviors that led to being overweight, miserable, and humiliated. So I ask:

Would I embrace the embodiment of extra adipose tissue again ?
Or welcome bra straps leaving grooves in my shoulders and
pants leaving red marks on a once trim waistline?

Was it fun to watch in-laws glare and snicker at our daughters wedding. ( While I felt like saying, " I am RIGHT here! emoticon I CAN SEE AND HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!"

Do I want to hear crude remarks again? One day while by myself and shopping for my petite daughters, a clerk literally BELLOWED to me from her check stand : "MA'AM , The WOMEN'S PLUS SECTION Is on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE !" (Waving her hands Frantically and pointing).

This woman had a voice like Hercules, with her own built in microphone!
I felt as unwelcome and out of place as a Rhino in a coffee shop!
It was an 'out of body shame' experience! ...

Oh No ... Once was enough! ...

But, some may ask: Can You Really Change for good?

That's why we need to believe when our hopes look like a distant mirage.

Here are some of the things I CAN do now.
I can drive by our former favorite pizza parlor only one mile away. I do not think twice and it gave up calling my name. We disconnected for good.
I can drive by an ice cream parlor and have not been back since life in Sparks. It used to be a weekly with friends. (Many more things as well)
At one time I drank a 12 ounce mocha each morning. I have not had one in many years, and when I tried once, it was awful! ...
Why we used to buy Oreo cookies as if we owned stock in the company!
Potato chips have not entered our home in many years, and never miss them.
I have not gone to the traditional "Happy hour" in years. Life at home is happy enough!

I traded my desert and a time in the wilderness for an Oasis and never hunger or thirst any more! It's not that I struggle wanting them. No, they got replaced with real foods! The past has NO hold on me!

Since Sparks, I feast from the banquet of information found right on the start page! .... I do not
have to search hard or long to find things that will spark me and quench my appetite for learning new things.

I am living the dream in my own Oasis and enjoy a lifestyle which allows me to get to the gym for a great variety. I love plucking 'real foods' from my vegetable garden...... Love making my own Greek yogurt and adding some chia seeds and fresh raspberries. High in protein and goodness and affordable in calories. Ice cream lost it's hold on me!

I thirst no more. My nutrition tracker that I use each day always reminds me of my 8 glasses or so of water ......(though carry my bottle with me) ...... And I can see at a glance where I am on the tracker and use it along with all the other tools Sparks generously provided. Yes, it is wonderful living in a wellspring .... an Oasis ....... of love in the community of great friends and so much more.

I will not have a reunion in Neverland ever again. It had nothing to offer then and nothing now.

Thanks for reading friends and have a happy Friday and great weekend!
And thanks to Sparks for sending a signal for me to come in out of the heat! ... emoticon
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