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Thursdays thoughts

Thursday, June 29, 2017

ye-gads, you won't believe what I did yesterday. Was in the process of loading the washer when the home photo rang, and it was my SIL asking about the soap, and I went in an rewound the show and as I was doing that I had intended to wash the clothes I had on cause had splatter the front of it, so was undressing as I was talking to her and threw everything in the water, heard my cell phone that was in my pocket make a weird noise and then remember that my phone and pedometer were still in the pocket, but it was to late. Phone under water, grab those pants, dug in out, and SIL take it apart and throw it in some kitty litter or rice. Well, Finns clean litter was right at my feet so threw it in there. Will use rice if I ever do that again, that stuff is hard to get off when it dries. So last night before I went to bed I plugged it in and it said it was charging. This morning the screen looked normal so I got busy and copied all my No. off it. When hubby got home had him call me, and it went threw, but the screen isn't like it use to be. So it is still hanging if I will need a new phone. I sure hope not, have had this one for so many years and I understand, these new things scare the death out of me with all there apps. and such. I don't need all that, and I won't use it anyway. Was so upset I don't remember if we got done talking about soap or not, she was trying to figure out who got stabbed. Guess, we will find out today. This morning I also copied all my contact numbers, just in case. lol I also don't think my pedometer fared well either, says I only got about 5k steps yesterday and I know I got a lot more than that. And this morning it said I only got 369 steps, when doing chores is always about 12 to 15 hundred steps. So guess I will have to dig out my other one, but I like the clip on this one so much better, and it stay in place better. Bummers.

Right now have some Bread Pudding in the oven, I always save all my crusts, and all the bread that gets a little dry, and finish letting it dry out and either use it to make croutons, spiced bread crumbs for coating meat, or bread pudding. I don't let any bread go to waste around here. So, that will taste so good for supper tonight. I haven't bought any of that above stuff for years and years. And besides mine are so much better, and I can flavor it depending on my mood. lol Used some of the crumbs Tuesday night on some baked Chicken breast. used the crumbs, basil, garlic salt, onion salt, some Greek seasoning, and parley flakes( that I dried), they were so tasty.!!!!!!!! I do like homemade so much better. Cooking is so much fun, love it, that is where I am the happiest, and it shows, just look that my waist. lol

The weather here is suppose to have a chance of thunderstorms everyday through the weekend, we did end up with a quarter inch yesterday, but sure could use a tad more, crops are dry, and so is my garden, but at least I can water that, but don't irrigate the crops. And talking about our farm, thought I had better tell you that that is not our place on the picture yesterday. That is the set of building across the road, that is just a barn and a crop crib, a place where Duke and Merlin like to go in investigate, and where some of the mommy cats have had kittens. No one has lived there for 40 years, but they keep it all mowed up like a park. And did you see the windmill in the background. Noisy things!!!!!!!

Well, I better take off and check that Bread Pudding and GET something done around here. Take care and have a GET day yourself. Linda

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    Oh what a day you had!
    888 days ago
    Getting the phone wet is exactly why I added the insurance to my plan. I think I have killed three or four since I first got a cell. Of course since I bought the insurance, no accidents- Kind of a Murphy's law thing.

    The bread pudding sounds good. What time do you want me there? LOL
    889 days ago
    I have washed phones and fitbits. Sometimes the rice works, but I leave it in at least 24 hours.
    889 days ago
  • GORDON66
    Sami will be returning to Salem for a short stay in a couple of months. Dr. Rolf and Will are coming back too. James Scott (EJ) is going to be in Chicago for a fan event on 7/9/17, so I've made plans to attend. If I decide to drag my camera downtown on the "L", I'll share photos.


    889 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/29/2017 11:20:48 PM
  • CHRIS3874
    yikes I did a similar thing to a pager my employer made me carry - I guess I had quicker reflexes as the thing was totally OK. Good thing I might have had to spring for a new one.
    889 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I am glad you got that phone out of the washer. All for a soap opera...
    889 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    If you do have to get a new phone, check out the simple ones that they have on AARP, It's just a phone plus text messaging. Just a suggestion if you do have to get a new one. Hope your current one will keep working for you.

    I hope you get the rain you need, we also need some too. Take care and enjoy the bread pudding.

    889 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    When I was in the hospital my son washed the jacket I was wearing when I kissed the sidewalk.My
    pedometer was in the pocket and sadly it did not survive the rice treatment. I have a new one now.

    I hope Larry is recovering at a good rate.It sounds like you are both making everything work. Take care Linda. emoticon

    3. emoticon for the boys
    889 days ago
    I love bread pudding. My gramma bought clearance cinnamon buns for her bread pudding, added raisins, and made a sauce from cornstarch. Good luck with the phone.
    889 days ago
    You can still get simple flip phones if you want. My mom doesn't want a smart phone, either, My son has a flip phone, too. I broke down and got the smart phone and only use a couple apps on it, just email and FitBit. Don't even do SP on the phone, just on the laptop.
    889 days ago
  • WALNUTT1961
    Daughter dropped her cell phone in the water that her feet were soaking in while she was getting a pedicure! So far, I haven't dropped mine in water. HA!

    889 days ago
    emoticon You were talking about loading the washer & then your caller asking about "the soap" = I was picturing her call was to talk about the type of laundry detergent you use. Too funny!

    I did realize that the photo on yesterday's blog was looking out with your home to your back = I was suggesting that it would be nice to see a photo of what was to your back = your home and the barn & other buildings around it, with an explanation of what each building is used for = I would find that very interesting, Linda. I have it all pictured in my mind & it would be fun to see how close to the real thing my imagination is.

    I did notice the wind mills off in the distance. We see many out in the fields on our travels across Kansas & Oklahoma and then from Texas going west to California. They give me an eerie feeling = especially if one is not moving, while all the others are. One time we passed a truck that was transporting one of the propeller pieces & were surprised at just how huge it was.

    I enjoy cooking according to my mood. My favorite dishes to make are soups & stews. emoticon I always prefer homemade to store bought or restaurant prepared. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed bread pudding = it is a favorite; however, it isn't anything my beloved MrV enjoys, so I simply do not make it = less temptation for me. emoticon

    I, like you, do not allow any waste of bread = we buy very little because again it is not something my beloved husband eats very often & it is something I could easily overeat, when not being exceptionally careful = best to not have much around.

    Have you ever used the heels of bread & day old bread for scalloped tomatoes? Very tasty & such a good way to use bread that needs to be used. Again, something I have not made in years = my MrV does not care for it (he does not like 'soggy' foods = it is a texture thing for the dear man) & I don't want leftovers to deal with. However, I have use it as a side dish when we have company for dinner. I am always quite surprised when I get such compliments on it. One guest praised me for that dish and then turned & asked his wife why she never made it. In a bit of an accusing manner (to my way of taking it). Rather shocked me! emoticon

    God bless us all with just enough rain to keep everything watered to a degree that is healthy!

    889 days ago
    That was a close call... emoticon emoticon
    889 days ago
    I hope that your phone holds on! Enjoy the rest of your day!
    889 days ago
    My husband washed his blue-tooth for his phone last week - and it literally died. Had to replace it to the tune of $50 - that hurt!

    I've never had bread pudding - is it hard to make?
    889 days ago
    My son's cell fell in the toilet once. He throw the battery in rice. I forgot how many days it took but it came back.
    889 days ago
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