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Wednesday? and behind again

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Thought I would share this view with you. It is looking east from our front lawn. Took it yesterday when the Lawn Ranger was out doing her (my) thing. And if you look real careful you will see the windmills we have in our area. I took it for the 5% challenge and thought I would share it with all of you. Today I will have to take another picture, not sure what I'll take.

Yea, I got the lawn mowed, and we worked and got the tractor off the trailer, and also got some machinery moved around, so we could get everything put away where it should be. Also put up some panels so that the sheep and goats can eat off the grass in that lot, and as hubby was moving some bales in that lot, he found 2 little kittens, and now beings there nest was moved I have been watching today to see if mother shows up, cause I left them in the bales but did have to move them. I hope she finds them. Again a white on, and a white a grey one. at least there are easy to find. And yes, it was Saturday to me all day yesterday, but I got it figured out why. Larry never has therapy on Mondays, and always on Fridays, and he had it on Monday this week and that is why I was thinking yesterday was Saturday, He has it again on Friday, so am wondering what day the next day will be, I don't think I am allow 3 Saturdays in a week. Need to get back on the Wednesday, Friday schedule again. No more Mondays. Please. Today got a load of laundry washed and hung out on the line, and a half hour later was out there in the rain taking then down and in the drier. Still only 2/10 of an inch. And did make a double batch of Graham Cracker Chocolate Chip Cookies, new recipe, Thanks, Fredie, and they are really to good.

Sorry, I know this is a confusing blog today, I don't think my old brain is NOT functioning well today. Even I am having trouble following it. So I understand if you are confused. So going to let you all off the hook and get off of here. Linda
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