Finally looking up!

Friday, June 23, 2017

So my numbers are finally evening out! I've even lost weight! Which makes me a very happy momma. One of the hard things for me being pregnant, is seeing all the weight I lost come back. So I'm happy. I commented on this to my mom, who said "Yea, when you quit eating all that junk you feel better and you actually start losing all that weight." emoticon
Way to take the wind out of my sails. No, I wasn't eating perfectly, but I also wasn't gorging on cookies and ice cream all night long either. I worked really hard to be losing what I had. emoticon It was depressing to hear her say that, and not even remotely validate what I'd worked so hard for.
Oh well. She's always thought of me that way.
The GD makes it really hard to want to eat thought, cause it takes SO MUCH thought. How much protein did I have? Did I have enough fiber to counteract the carbs? It's really exhausting! But it's paying off. Baby Lilian looks good, and the scale is showing some good improvements too. :) emoticon I can't wait till she's here. I'm trying to remain hopeful that my placenta moves enough for me to avoid the cesarean birth that they're saying that I need, and that would be wonderful! :) emoticon

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