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TGIF and body image.

Friday, June 23, 2017

I really don't have a lot the write about today. I haven't done much except the chores and did get a load of laundry out on the line. You know hubby is home now and I have to keep him in his SPECIAL everyday shirts. lol Men, they are so funny, if I would wash his one shirt every night and have it dry for him in the morning that is all I would ever see him in. But it is a little baggy on him now, after losing 46 pounds thru all of this. But, we are finding that the older we get the less we eat. But then how come it is so hard to lose weight. I really don't think that I am that much less active than I was 10-20 years ago. Actually, I think I am more active, just a different type of activity, yes, I had to punch a time clock, and did a lot of walking but it really wasn't what was called exercise, now that I have taken over so much of the chores, I feel I am getting more actual exercise, strength training, and stretching than I ever did when I was working outside the home, but the weight just doesn't like to budge, guess it like it where it is and doesn't want to leave. Do any of you have that problem as we age. And I hate it that the old body is going south. Arms flap, tummy jiggles, hips wiggle, boobs are about rest on the belly that sort of took on a different life, where all that came from I don't know, but the flat stomach has been inflated. Where has my body gone, I think there really is Body Snatchers out there, and they leave these saggy one behind. lol

Well, I have to cart this old body up, and get the bacon thawed for a late breakfast early dinner(lunch), cause we have to take Merlin's van back to the dealership, cause they said they fixed the AC and it Doesn't Work Yet, so have to dropped that off first before his PT at 12:30. So I better get a-hopping. Take care and have a GET day. Linda
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