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What's Your (Hunger) Number?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Today's Washington Post contains an interesting article about how one may accurately evaluate the degree of one's own hunger. Yes according to the Post, Democracy Dies in Darkness, but apparently the editors can look up from their political outrage long enough to publish an article about healthy eating habits. Imagine that.

The article broadly makes the point that hunger can be placed on a 0 to 10 numeric scale (something ranging from famished/malnourished up to gluttonous). We humans may be genetically predisposed to keep the hunger needle between perhaps 3 (moderately hungry) and 7 (full but not uncomfortably so). However, our pesky environment and culture intervenes (i.e., Lucky Charms looked yummy in those ads we saw as kids).

The author is a dietitian (I once dated a dietitian; topic for another blog), who offers that "... you need to listen to your body, eat when you feel genuine physical hunger — not bored hunger, lonely hunger or stressed-out hunger — and stop eating when you are satisfied but not stuffed..."

Easier said than done, but the article provides some helpful methods and tips. Here it is. Bon quantitative appetit.
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