Still On Track

Monday, June 19, 2017

It's getting really warm here but I'm getting in my walk and bicycle work every day including Sunday. I made two massive food bobbles last week but I'm paying for them with extra work. My appetite is almost nil since my surgery so most days have been easy but one day, I wanted a taco salad from my 2nd favorite Mexican place and the things are vast. I ate nearly half of it and some of the shell. Couple days later it was fried catfish, shrimp, and potatoes for my mother and I choked down on about 6 shrimp, a catfish fillet, and mound of cottage fries half the size of my fist. Scales went up 2 pounds naturally but I've been very, very good for the last 6 days and I'm back down a half pound. My legs are getting less flabby from the exercise which is fun to behold. Now I need an upper body workout for my arms.

Hope you have a great Day! Drink water and stay cool.
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